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Go here!!! It is WRONG to lock people up for drugs!!! x Jayne County RELEASE

THE POPE DECLARES WAR ON *SATANISTS.* (Anyone who is not a Christian or who is of another religion!)

COMMENT BY JAYNE COUNTY --- This Pope is one sick motherfucker!!! A real NAZI SCUM BAG!!! Read Bulletin

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That*s the question quite a few people in Washington are asking these days! It has been reported that our brave great leader has a HUGE DONKEY HOTDOG!!! * Hmmmmmmmmm* exclaimed Hilary Clinton, *Now that*s another ball game! You know I lost alot of weight and now Bill just can*t get it up for me anymore!* Pentecostal God Hustler, Ted Haggart was overheard at a Boy Scout*s meeting in Closetville, Alabama as saying, *I knowed that there was a devine reason that I am a RepubliKKKan and celebrated Bush Ass Licker!* And even though God has now changed me back from being a fag to a completely straight man, I still have to admit, that IF I WERE STILL GAY, honey I would be SUCH A SIZE QUEEN!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!* Reverand Haggart went on, *Of course I would have to have sex with our Great Leader, Biblical style! Just like in the Old Testament! Mr. Bush would have to lie naked under a sheepskin with just his HUGE DONKEY HOTDOG sticking out a hole in the middle of the sheet or sheepskin! Then I would SWOOP upon his MEGA MARBLE like the AmeriKan eagle swooping on a crippled chicken!!! But that is only IF I were Gay!!!* RepubliKKKan Senator and closet case, toilet sex cruiser Larry Craig got really excited and actually did a wee wee in his diapers! *What toilet does Mr. Bush use in Washington? I gotta get a LOAD of this!!!* Mr. Craig giggled like a 16 year old High School girl. *Gee, Mr. Bush* he exclaimed, very Judy Garland like, *I want to tap dance for you in your toilet stall untill my mouth turns inside OUT!* Some Democrats in Washington have expressed interest in seeing Mr. Bush*s HUGE OSCAR MEYER, but only for educational purposes. Hilary Clinton was intervewed by top RepubliKKKan magazine, 'US Fascist News Report' as saying, *It is evident that George Bush mislead the entire country in stating that his DONKEY HOTDOG was NOT a weapon of mass destruction!* Now that we know that he lied to the Amerikan poeple, I say impeach him!* Ms. Clinton went on to say, *Drag him out of the Whitehouse, strip him naked and tie him to a maypole in the middle of Capitol Hill and force him to listen to the Paris Hilton CD! Let the AmeriKan people see for themselves! And with all this new evidence, we could once again ask the question WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH GEORGE BUSH???* Reported by Sean Chunky Cheeks from the article that appeared in Democrats For Bush, entitled *Democrats For George*s Bush.*


That*s right! According to 'Satanic News A Go Go,' Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan Gene Simmons has given birth to Satan*s baby, OUT HIS BUTTHOLE!!! *Wow, what an asshole!* exclaimed head nurse, Zelda Goldensnickle, at Rich Rock Star Capitalist Pig Hospital, in Honolulu. Reportedly it was a very painful and long delivery! Gene cried out in gleeful pain as the Doctors*s stuck a cement mixer up his ass to help pull the baby out . The nasty critter had bat*s wings and horns on it*s head and a tripple headed full hard on ! * What an asshole and what a baby!!! It was both horrifying and awesome.* said Doctor Buckeye Whips. *I had to really dig in up there and break up alot of frozen poop. Evidently, Satan*s baby is just like his father. (Mother!?!) He likes the smell of his own bullshit!* Mia Farrow was there to witness the entire event. *This is a happy day in HELL and wow, WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!* (Reported by George Getontopofus for The Republikkkan magazine, 'US Fascist News And World Report.'


Here is a letter I wrote in the comment section of Op Ed News. All these left leaning people are coming out for Ron Paul, and here is my opinion! Well a question actually!
Jayne County
Well, what I want to know is, will Ron Paul respect EVERYONE*S rights including my rights as a Transgender American??? Will I be able to change my passport sex from BLANK to SHE? Will I be allowed to marry the man of my dreams? Will I be allowed to serve in the Army and trot around the base looking like I just steped out of an old 40*s Andrews Sisters film? (A little chuckle is called for here!) But seriously, I have to be concerned for all my GLBT brothers and sisters. I fought in the Stonewall Riots and marched for Women*s Lib and against the Vietnam War. I fought in the 60*s for EVERYONE*S rights, and here I am just turning 60 and I myself still do not have my full rights! Does Ron Paul care about people *like me?* I my friends am also one of WE THE PEOPLE! I pay taxes but do not have full rights! That is Taxation Without Representation, and I believe that was one of the major reasons for the *first* American Revolution! Sexual and Gender deversity is as important as cultural! Why? Because we are! We exist! We have for THOUSANDS of years. In Babylon, Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome and NOW!!! You could try to kill us, or put us in concentration camps as others have tried, but isn*t it time for people to realize that Transgender people like myself as well as all GLBT people, deserve to be treated as human beings? I worry about Ron Paul*s attitude toward people of deverse sexuality and gender. What I am totally against, is religious people using God and The Bible as an excuse to promote bigotry against me! Being Scotch/Irish and having Cherokee Indian on all sides of my family, I have studied the evil treatment that our Native Americans had fostered on them by white Europeans, all in the name of GOD! (*And I will drive out the Cannanites from your land.*) It was all done cause we as a nation had *God On Our Side.* (Thank you Bob Dylan.) And I have also studied how people once used God and The Bible to promote slavery. Now I hear the same things toward peoople like me! All the Bible verses and twisted interpertations that call for my *stoning to death.* Will Ron Paul defend my rights from those who want to persecute and destroy me? Or will he just ignore me? Or mayby just close his eyes and wish that I would go away, like alot of people do! But when you open your eyes from all the wishing, and come back to reality, there I am! STILL THERE and waiting for my rights! Will Ron Paul be MY president as well? Or will he simple stand by and watch people use God and the Bible to treat me like a third class citizen or even worse! Mayby a good lynching would be in order! Will I have to MOVE to Amsterdam, London, Canada, or Spain etc to have my rights as a Transgender person?? Or will Ron Paul give me my freedom and let me cross over the Jordan river with everyone else? Do tell me. Do tell me Ron Paul! What do you have in store for me? Freedom, or slavery? Will you listen to the voices of FREEDOM, or to the twisted, religious, fundamentalist cries of *STONE HER TO DEATH!?* Sincerely, Jayne County (Please excuse any bad spelling or grammar.) P. S. Could you please inform me pretty soon? I need to know how many items I can pack in my bag when the time comes for me and my kind to FLEE INTO THE WILDERNESS! I already have my copy of Lotte Lenya singing Kurt Weill and Bert Brecht! Funny. They too had to flee, when their government turned on them!!! Oh, will the lessons of the Weimar Republic ever be learned?
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favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.
of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant: a liberal attitude toward foreigners.
open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.

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Web video now playing... THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

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WAR! The Ultimate Abortion. The Real Culture Of Death. Vote for *right to life* in AmeriKa but kill a man*s pregnant wife in Iraq! Did anyone ever stop to think that when men, women and children are killed in war, that it also includes PREGNANT women as well? Killing an unborn fetus! What hypocrites these Masters Of War are! *In AmeriKa, they vote for the *right to life* but in Irag, they just killed another man*s pregnant wife!* All through history, soldiers have killed pregnant women. No one stops to ask first, *Oh before I drop this bomb or throw this spear, should I make sure that none of the women are pregnant?* They just drop the bomb, throw the spear or grenade and where it lands is where it lands! Pregnant women and all! In the Book Of Genesis, when the Lord supposedly commanded Joshua to go into the land of the Caananites and kill every man, woman and child* that also included, pregnant women. (God told me to kill you!) So how sickening are these so called *Christians* who claim to be following Orders From God by demanding that women should have no controll over their own bodies and that abortion is such an evil deed! Hey, God Himself commanded the genocide of whole cities! And no, God did not say, *And oh, try not to kill any unborn fetuses!!!* Right To Life Christians are the ultimate hypocrites, and war my friends is the ultimate abortion! The REAL *Culture Of Death! by Jayne County

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan and hooligan asshole, Kid Rock was recently arrested in Hot Lanta! Too bad they didn*t tar and feather him and run him out of town on a rail!!! After supporting King George and The RepubliKKKan Party*s attempts to drag AmeriKa back into the stone ages, this mentally retarded piece of donkey crap dares to inflict his no talent music on the rest of us sane and rational people! And boo on Rolling Stone Rag for putting this asshole on their cover. My cat loves to crap on this cover and knows a good shit hole when she sees it!!! SHAME ON ROLLING STONE for supporting FASCIST PIGS!!!!!!!!! Written by Jayne County

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Get them while they last!!! Email Jayne*s art mailbox at FULL PHOTO AT THE TOP OF THE BLOG HEADING.
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US Constitution vs. The Patriot Act


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Thank you ISIS for!!! They tell it like it is! Good Goddessamithty!!! And that disgusting X Mayor Gullofirony!!! What*s his last name??? Gulliannie or Jeweleironee. What does it matter? An asshole by any other name is an asshole! Forgive my use of proper street language, but street language is what we need to jolt all these brainwashed AmeriKans into taking notice that The RepubliKKKan Party wants a Police State! And let*s face it. Anyone who is offended by good ole everyday speech has a severe problem and is most likely a closet conservative or a closet case gay RepubliKKKan creepo!!! The People*s Language is fine by me. As opposed to language that the so called honest, respectable Christian Psychos want to force on us. OOOOOOOOOO we may offend their GOD!!! Oh I am trembling in the presence of a false graven image of the AmeriKan flag!! Let*s all get ready and bow down to BABYLON together and support our GREAT LEADER as he leads us into the abyss of the BOTTONLESS PIT of Neo Con sewage!!! I approve of the fantastic add calling General Petreus, General Betrayus!!! (Forgive my spelling. I only do it to offend miss prissy perfect!) That lying SOB has betrayed us by marching to the propaganda beat of King George and his Gestapo troops of war and murder! GOOD FOR YOU MOVE ON!!!!!!!!! And guess what?? I, Jayne County am personally a member and I give them MONEY every single month!!! And my money is being well spent!!! I love the *offending* add. HA HA HA!!! Well, x Fascist Mayor, Hullygullyirony should be offended and deeply ASHAMED!!! All who support the AmeriKan War Machine are a disgrace to the entire human race! In the immortal words of BOB DYLAN *I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE YE MASTERS OF WAR!* Listen to that song and then listen to *With God On Our Side.* No one else could say it all better. Too bad Bobby denies his own soul and chooses to remain silent in his ivory tower of fame and fortune! *Positively 4th Bob* wake up and join us! We need you again, now more than ever!!! So come on and SUPPORT MOVE ON!!! WE NEED THEM! This fight to stop The Coming Darkness has just started! EVERYONE HAS TO HELP!!! Send emails to all the fucked up politicians. DEMAND THEM TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! Make phone calls! Sign petitions. Go to the MARCHES. Yes they DO help!!!!! They help people to know that there is soladarity for us who are disgusted by what the Powers That Be are doing to this country and the entire world! BABYLON WILL FALL ONLY IF WE KICK AND SCREAM OUR WAY OUT OF THE FIERY FURNACE OF WAR BIGOTRY AND IGNORANCE!! GET TOGETHER PEOPLE AND FIGHT THE BASTARDS!!! Written By Jayne County (Please forgive any misspellings, I don*t have a proof reader!) Get the picture??? Yes, we see!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

MODERATE FASCISTS! The DemocratSS fail to deliver. John Edwards, just another redneck milder version of the KKK!

Moderate Fascists in left wing clothing. The DemocraSS are useless standing up to King George. They are two faced and speak with a forked tounge!!! We are sadly disappointed with their recent actions. Ron Paul pretends to be something he is not. Sure he is against King George and wants us out of Iraq pronto, but if you dig you will find that he is against women controlling their own bodies and he is an ardent homophobe. A born again Christian Psycho!!! Another tyrant that wants to use God as an excuse to propehcy against his fellow man. Homophobe John Edwards has come out AGAINST Gay Marriage. Evidently thinking that not ALL AmeriKans are equal!!! Shame on you!! Both John Edwards and Ron Paul (RepubliKKKan anyway!) can stick it where the sun don*t shine! RRARL.


Forget those disgusting Log Cabin Gay RepubliKKKans. These Fascist Gays are are already OUT and they are simply a discrace to the entire Gay Community. Let*s here it for the closet cases who are gay but still think or pretend that they are straight! Unfortunately the entire AmeriKan ecomomy is supported by these married queers. Oh well. That*s a RepubliKKKan for you! Here are my TOP TEN STEPS FOR BECOMING A CLOSET GAY REPUBLIKKKAN SENATOR!! 10. Fiddle around in high school with your best friend. Oh it*s not gay, you*re just going thru a phase! 9. Go to Babtist Bible School and learn how Jesus loves all the little children of the world, but sends anyone who is not a Christian or even a Babtist to Hell to burn for ever! Ditto for the Catholic Church! 8. Have some homosexual experiences in college. Oh I must have been soooooooooooo drunk, or the Devil made me put my roomates free Willie in my mouth!!! Sorry I thought it was an Italian sausage. Hmmmmm love those with mucho mustard!!! 7. Believe all the bull your brainwashed parents have been torturing you with about how sinful homosexuality is. Well if it was good enough to fuck up my parent*s heads it*s good enough for me! 6. Secreatly put on your mother*s clothes when she is out shopping at the Winn Dixie. Pull your wig wam between your legs and pretend you have a Siamese pussy! 5. Go to the prom with the most homeliest girl in your school then sneak out to the parking lot to get a blow job by the *town queer.* 4. Get married and have children. You will need a good cover for your *sinful* behavior. Hiding behind your hetrosexual marriage is a good one! Alot of married queers do that! 3. Hang out with the most obnoxious rednecks in your town. Tell fag jokes and talk about how all those queers should be hung. 2. Go into politics and run for office on the RepubliKKKan ticket. Talk about *family values* and how much you hate Gay Marriage and Evolution. 1. Become a senator, and vote for as many anti gay amendments as possible. Go to church, pretend to be a *normal* married man, then sneak off to a toilet and have sex with another hypocritical, self loathing, closet case RepubliKKKan creep!!! There you have it my friends! Self loathing closet gays are attracted to the RepubliKKKan Party because it*s God* Party! It*s God*s Party and I*ll lie if I want to! And God*s Party is doing the very opposite of what the Bible says to do! They ignore all of Jesus*s Sermon On The Mount, about how to treat other human beings. The RepubliKKKans are the modern day Pharisees!! They sit in the front rows of their pissy little churches with their wives and children then go out and secreatly do all the things that they condemn other people for doing! Jayne County says, *THROW THEM TO THE LIONS!!!* Written by Jayne County

Monday, September 10, 2007


They are full of self loathing hatred for themselves and all others who have the dignity and courage to live their lives OUT in the open! They attack their Gay brothers and sisters by voting for anti Gay laws throughout the land. They hide behind the lies and bigotry of the RepubliKKKan Party and force themselves to have sex with women they hate. They hide behind their wives and children and then sneak off to a toilet to have hidden sex with another self loathing *queer!* They are the GAY REPUBLIKKANS! They bring shame on the Gay Community and all that is decent. They call themselves Log Cabin RepubliKKKans because they are the UNCLE TOMS of the Gay world. They are to be scorned and shamed wherever they go! They are rotting zombies that eat the flesh of their own despised souls and bodies! They despise being Gay so they support organizations that want to do Gay People harm! SHAME ON THEM ALL!!! Written by Jayne County

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Socialist Party of Canada - What Socialism Means

ANOTHR GREAT SITE! Socialist Party of Canada - What Socialism Means

Religion is Bullshit !

HERE IS A GREAT SITE!!! ENJOY!!! Religion is Bullshit !

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well it dosn*t surprise me much. Hypocrisy seem to be the order of the day with these sexually repressed RepubliKKKans! They get married, have a mess of kids and vote against Gay Marriage then get caught stealing a piece of Gay cookie in the toilet or back of the White House! Oh I forgot. A TOILET and The WHITEHOUSE are the same thing these days! THE PARTY OF GOD AND ITS REPRESSED HOMOSEXUALS!!! I*ll take a fun lovin, honest DRAG QUEEN anyday, to these shameful, self loathing, repressed Gays called RepubliKKKans! Log Cabin RepubliKKKan anyone? You mean Uncle Toms Cabin full of repressed butch homosexuals? Excuse me while I VOMIT ON A JUDY GARLAND RECORD!!! That is worse than Jews supporting the Nazi Party!!! Sickening!!! And they all claim to be Christians! Christ said himself that he would rather sit at the table with PROSTITUTES than at the table with the Pharisees! And the RepubliKKKans today are the modern day Pharisees! HYPOCRITES IN THE SINAGAGMEWITHAPANCAKEFLIPPERMOGANDMAGOG, OF SATAN! Hey assholes, if you are Gay then COME OUT and be proud of it instead of dragging your sexuality thru the sewer! And no wonder you are a RepubliKKKan! Your entire life is based on LIES! Supporting a party that wants to do you harm is self loathing and down right DISGUSTING! SEIG HEIL!!! All RepubliKKKans, both repressed self loathing Gays OR , hate mongering hypocritical Christian hets, are a disgrace to thier country, their sexuality, and the entire human race! MAY YOU ALL BURN IN HELL!!! (If there is one, which I doubt.) But in this case I hope there is so you all can burn together in your own cess pool of lies, deceit, war, and murder!!! Have a nice day! x Jayne County

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SCARY AMERIKA!!! The country goes even further into becoming a POLICE STATE!

We here at the RRARL, have withdrawn our support of the DemocratSS because of their support of King George and his shameful FASCIST spying program. Although the Dems running for Presedent voted against it, they did not fight it and that is hypocritical and cowardly! We now support the Socialist Party. So here is a short blurb from the paper *Revolution.* Read on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And the Democrats?
Many Democrats in the Congress backed Bush's new law. Others--including all the Democratic presidential candidates—voted against it. But the leaders of the Democratic Party knew the law had the votes to pass and made no extraordinary parliamentary moves (like a filibuster) to stop it, even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the law "does violence to the Constitution."
Many people in the social base of the Democratic Party are bitter and feel betrayed. There was a flood of angry posts on pro-Democratic blogs, and Pelosi got more than 200,000 protest emails.
Breaking Out of the Road to Horror
The logic that the government needs more power to massively snoop into and spy on every detail of people’s lives to provide for their "safety" is a logic that leads to a police state. And it feeds into the logic that the way for Americans to live in “security” is more torture chambers. It leads to more banning of dissent—the same AT&T that is routing your phone calls to the government last week censored the words “George Bush, leave the world alone” out of the internet broadcast of a Pearl Jam concert. And this “security” through repression is connected to the logic that Americans’ “safety” depends on a more aggressive “war on terror” inside and outside the U.S.
Endless war and fascist repression do not make you safe. And the wars, torture, and other crimes of the U.S. rulers bring terrible suffering to the people of the world. Craig Murray, who got fired as British ambassador to Uzbekistan after speaking out against brutal torture used there by the U.S.’s “Coalition of the Willing”—declared, “I’d rather die than have someone tortured to save my life.”
As the Call from World Can't Wait ( says, "That which you do not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn—or be forced—to accept."

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anarchist Black Cross Network: Resistance is Global


Monday, August 6, 2007


Comment from Jayne County. (This is a news item I re posted. And I already know that Alice Cooper is a right wing RepubliKKKan born again Christian asshole, who thinks anyone dissagreeing with our pathetic government, should be hung!!! Mayby next time he does his phony HANG THE FREAK show, using a gallows, he will really hang himself!!! At least it*s good to know what side these old capitalist warmongerers are on!!!) When the next AmeriKan Civil War comes, I wonder which phony freak for a night will be looking down the barrell of my trusty, rusty, musket??? Here is the aritcle on heterosexual pretend to be the Anti Christ on stage but I am really just a normal guy, Marlyn Manson. ....................... Former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Stephen Gregory Bier Jr. (aka Madonna Wayne Gacy) claims that the musician has spent a huge amount of the band's money on nazi artifacts (SS typewriters, swastika wall tiles, Nazi government coat hangers owned by Adolf Hitler, a handbag that belonged to Eva Braun for Dita Von Teese), drugs (cocaine and Vicodin) and the production of the film "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll". Next to this Manson collected taxidermy models of animals, including a California grizzly and two baboons, as well as the full skeleton of a 17th-century male in a wheelchair. Manson would also have used money from the band to purchase African masks made of human skin and the full skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl. Stephen Bier is seeking a compensatory of more than $20 million. Bier also says that in 2000, Manson forced the band to spend a substantial sum of money to pay a video production company to keep certain video footage out of an upcoming DVD about the band as this video footage showed Manson making racist statements and jokes about African-Americans while feeding his pet snake. And Bier is also pretty sure that Manson used band money to buy Von Teese's $150,000 engagement ring and to pay for the couple's 2005 wedding.Apparently at the time of the band's formation, when the group was still known as 'Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids', the founding members entered into a partnership agreement whereby all profits (and losses) from the group's album releases, tours and merch sales were shared in various proportions, with Manson getting the biggest chunk. Manson would have systematically forced the original bandmembers out, just to replace them with new musicians who did get another agreement. Fred Streithorst, Jr. (aka Sara Lee Lucas) was pestered out the band in 1995 after Manson doused his drum kit with butane during a concert, setting it on fire while Streithorst was still playing.Marilyn Manson CDs

SHAME ON THE DemocratSS!! I withdraw ALL support!

Well, that is fucking it!! I am soooooo fucking upset and angry that I could shit a guided missle straight at the White House! The fucking Democrats have stabbed us in the back! They voted to support King George Bush in his crusade to spy on Americans. They even had the nerve to give him more than he even asked for. The Dems sat there on their shitty asses and allowed themselves to be strongarmed into supporting one of the worst laws to ever be made in AmeriKKKa! I am removing all my pro Dem. pr off of ALL my blogs and My Spaces! I am WITHDRAWING from the Democratic Party and NEVER VOTING FOR THEM AGAIN! From now on I will not pussy foot around like they shamefully do! I AM VOTING SOCIALIST! Both the RepubliKKKans AND the DemocratSS CAN GO TO HELL!!! I hope the RepubliKKKans do get in again so we can have a fucking REVOLUTION in this country and send then all to the GALLOWS! HANG THEM ALL!!! We need another CIVIL WAR, and I am willing to lead the charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change will come to this country one way or another!!! And WITHOUT the fucking RepubliKKKans OR the lousy, shameful, cowardly DemocratSS!! Sincerely, Jayne County (Rock and Roll Revolutionary and fucking PROUD of it!!! DemocratSS you backstabbing BASTARDS!!!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007


JAYNE COUNTY*S COMMENT ON THIS SICKENING ACT OF TERROR!!! King George Bush in not content to destroy the planet, murder people in Iraq and lie his way thru the GATES OF HELL, he now wants to murder innocent animals!!! What a low life PIG!!! This tyrant has to be STOPPED!!! Read on and see what this sorry excuse for a sub human has in mind for some of our most precious wildlife! Jayne County

Dear Renee,The airplanes and helicopters stand ready. The guns are loaded. And if the Bush Administration gets its way, an airborne assault on hundreds of wolves in the northern Rockies could begin as early as October. Make no mistake: we can still come to the wolf's rescue. But in this last critical week, we need to immediately ramp up our Internet campaign even further to get more Americans to submit online Citizen Comments -- while the Bush Administration is still required to take public input on its cruel plan for slaughtering wolves. With your support that's exactly what we're going to do. Please make an online contribution right now so the NRDC Action Fund can rally hundreds of thousands of Americans against wolf extermination before the crucial August 6 deadline. Donate now We are arming the media with the damning facts of the Bush Administration's cold-blooded plan... organizing key opposition in both Houses of Congress...and reaching out to millions of Americans who haven't yet heard that wolves will soon be caught in a deadly crossfire.Let's face it: most Americans would be outraged to discover that our own government plans to gun down the greatest living symbol of endangered wildlife. And they would be horrified to learn that airplanes and helicopters have already been purchased to do the job of mowing down packs of wolves in a matter of minutes. But most Americans won't know any of this unless we get them the facts...and empower them with an easy way to register their opposition on the Internet in a matter of seconds. Your gift will help us build a tidal wave of protest against the Bush Administration's wolf-killing plan -- and greatly increase the odds that the "Open Fire" order will NOT be given come this October. Please help give wolves a reprieve by making an online contribution right now. With one final week left, we need to harness the immediacy and power of the Internet to mobilize America in defense of wolves. It's their last, best hope for survival. Sincerely,Frances Beinecke PresidentNRDC Action Fund

He*s The Universal Soldier And He Really Is To Blame, His Orders Come From Far Away Nomore!!!

Whose War? Whose Troops?You Can't Support Troops Waging An Unjust War! There's a lot of talk about who does, and who doesn't, support the troops these days. It's one thing for George Bush and the leaders of the Republicans and Democrats to say they support the troops. Particularly those Democrats who say they oppose the war but support the troops are trying to corral the antiwar sentiment of people—to prevent people from confronting what is really going on over there, and beyond that the real role and character of the army and the troops who fight in it. There are also people who genuinely oppose the war, but who also say I support the troops. Many of these people approach this from a personal point of view. They have relatives, friends, or people they know in the military. Some people feel these troops should be supported because many of them were drawn into joining the military because there is so little opportunity for employment or education for so many people in U.S. society today. But that isn't the heart of the matter. To determine whether you should or shouldn't support the troops, you have to look at what these troops are doing and decide whether that deserves your support. These soldiers are part of the U.S. military. The war they are fighting in Iraq is aimed at maintaining and extending U.S. domination in the Middle East and around the world. This is an unjust and immoral war. Look at what it comes down to for the people of Iraq. From the very beginning, the U.S. military has rained death and destruction on the Iraqi people. They've killed many, many people and created conditions in which many, many more have been slaughtered in violence pitting Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds against each other. U.S. troops flattened the city of Falluja, driving virtually the entire population out in order to take the city back from the those resisting the U.S. occupation. They routinely call in air strikes on Iraqi villages and urban areas, killing innocent Iraqis. U.S. troops set up checkpoints and raid people's homes, subjecting people to harassment and brutality on a regular basis. While carrying out this occupation, some U.S. troops have raped Iraqi women and just outright murdered people. What about any of this deserves the support of anybody who opposes this unjust war? Some who oppose the war try to deal with the contradiction involved here by saying, "I support the warrior, not the war." But how can you separate the troops from what they are doing? Bob Avakian has raised the point that if you came upon a woman who was being attacked and raped by a gang of men, would you say, 'I support the rapists, not the rape?' Or if you encountered a mob of racists lynching a Black person, would you say, 'I support the lynchers, not the lynching?' Of course not. You'd say these people are doing something heinous, and I can't support them. Well the war that U.S. troops are waging in Iraq is also heinous, and it, and the troops who are carrying it out don't deserve the support of anybody who cares about justice! I know that these GIs are largely drawn from the working class and oppressed people. But that doesn't matter—it doesn't mean that we should support them. Nor does it matter if they think that what they're doing is defending their country. What matters is that they ARE a part of inflicting untold suffering on the Iraqi people in order to enforce U.S. imperialist domination. If you're in the U.S. military, you have to take responsibility for what it's doing, and troops who are responsible for the kinds of things the U.S. military is doing in Iraq and elsewhere don't deserve the support of anybody who is concerned about what's just and right. The fact that their fundamental interests aren't served by the plundering and raping of Iraq and other countries the U.S. rulers have them carrying out makes it doubly painful and all the more necessary to struggle with them over where their real interests lie. When I talk about this, I'm dealing with something that I've been through. I was in the U.S. military back during the Vietnam war. The U.S. rulers put a gun in my hands, trained me how to use it and ordered me to go to Vietnam—to kill Vietnamese people and maybe be killed myself. I didn't know what the Vietnam war was about when I got drafted into the army, or when I got the orders to go to Vietnam. But I had to quickly find out what it was about because I had to decide whether it was something I should or could be a part of. There was a huge movement against the war in Vietnam back then, and many involved in it were saying this was an imperialist war that was aimed at drowning the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people in blood. Groups like the Black Panther Party were saying that Black people had no business fighting for the U.S. in Vietnam while Black people were having dogs sicked on them here in the U.S. while fighting for their rights. I became convinced that this was true off of talking to a lot of GIs who had been in Vietnam fighting. They told me about atrocities committed against Vietnamese people that they had seen and some of them had even been a part of. About how they were trained to look at the Vietnamese people as a whole—men, women, and even children—as the enemy. I learned that things like the My Lai massacre, where U.S. troops destroyed a village and murdered many of its inhabitants—most of whom were women, children, and old men—because they suspected they supported the Vietnamese liberation fighters, was a routine occurrence. That the U.S. military frequently "destroyed the village in order to save the village." That U.S. troops called in air strikes on villages if they THOUGHT they were being fired at from the direction of that village. That they killed Vietnamese people indiscriminately and raped women. I recalled that back in basic training our drill sergeants had fed us stories about the horrible things Vietnamese liberation fighters would do. They said they'd put a grenade in a baby carriage and blow up the baby to kill U.S. GIs. The drill sergeants would call Vietnamese people gooks, dinks and slopes non-stop. They were getting us ready to be part of the U.S. imperialist killing machine that could rain death and destruction indiscriminately on Vietnamese people in order to keep U.S. global domination in effect back then. I also learned that there were U.S. GIs who were resisting this war from inside the military. Some units marched off in the opposite direction from where they thought the Vietnamese rebels were. Other units just flat out refused to fight, and some GIs even fragged officers who tried to make them fight. This helped me to learn that the war in Vietnam was a war to suppress the struggle of an oppressed people to free their country from imperialist domination. And that it was a war that anyone who believed in justice shouldn't support and shouldn't be a part of fighting. Off of this, I was able to develop the strength to refuse to go to Vietnam. I did two years in Leavenworth Military Penitentiary for taking this stand. Faced with this situation all over again, I'd take the same stand. What was really criminal was the war, and refusing to fight in it was the right thing to do. The war in Iraq isn't a rerun of the war in Vietnam, but just like that war, this one is a war for empire. It's an unjust, immoral war. People shouldn't want to be a part of such a war, and people shouldn't be supporting the troops who are fighting this war. What are these troops doing that deserves the support of anybody who believes in justice? Nothing—not a damn thing! There are U.S. soldiers who deserve the support of everyone who opposes injustice. Those who have spoken out against the war, those who have refused to go to Iraq and those who have resisted the war in other ways. They are doing the right thing, and they deserve our support. And what do all the troops really need from those of us who know this war is wrong? Again let me draw from my experience. I didn't get the understanding and inspiration to refuse to go to Vietnam because people expressed support for the troops. I was able to do that because people told the truth about the war in Vietnam. And because the people protesting the war and the GIs who rebelled against it from inside the military challenged me through their actions to do the right thing. Today's troops need the same thing that I needed back then. They need to hear the truth about the war they're being sent off to be a part of in Iraq—that it's an unjust war, a war for empire. They need to be challenged to take off their blinders and look straight at the atrocities the U.S. is inflicting on the Iraqi people and that they are being ordered to be a part of. And they need to be challenged to do the right thing today, just like I was challenged to do the right thing back during the Vietnam War.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Articles Written By Jayne County Are Sprinkled Throughout The Postings.

You can find Jayne writings throughout all these postings. Check them out! Some of them are very offensive, while others just plain funny! Enjoy!

Blair or Brown??? Up, Up, And Away!! Rim Job Anyone???

WRITTEN BY JAYNE COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Blair had his tongue so far up King George*s bun bun that it hung out our Great Leaders*s mouth giving him a forked tongue that could lapp up the entire planet*s sewage! Including used condoms and sea green RepubliKKKan crap!!! Now we get another treat! This Brown idiot, seems just as stupid!!! Poor British!!! Poor AmeriKa!!! Poor World!!! Just LET IT FALL!!! The writing is on the wall and these three Stooges are doing the Babylonian Jerk as thousands of innocent people die!!! Can you do the Iranian Twist??? It goes like this!!! It goes like this!!! War, you are DEAD! I guess all that coke Georgie Boy did in college has eaten up all his rational brain cells! And what bad ACID did Brown drop??? It certainly wasn*t Purple Haze! Mayby he was eating Magic Mushrooms and he got mixed up and ate all the cow crap instead! (Magic Mushrooms grow under big blobs of cow dung!) I guess that is why so much stink is shooting outta their vile, filthy mouths!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm, the ultimate rim job!! UP UP AND AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! By Jayne County

Right Wing Sicko Christians Blame *Sinners* For Bad Weather!!! Written by Jayne County

It makes me sick, to hear these hypocritical so called *christians*, blame people who are different from them, for bad weather! Denying GLOBAL WARMING and saying that it is God*s punishment on the so called *wicked.* What a bunch of SICKOS! Also many of these same charlatans invest money in the very COPORATIONS that are raping and plundering our planet! HYPOCRITES IN THE TEMPLE OF SATAN !!! (Ha, and I ain*t even religious, but I also know how to use Biblical language to condemn and slander! ) These sort of fundamentalist, right wing, mentally desturbed PSYCHOS, use the vengeful, old Testament God of HATRED AND MURDER, to wreck pain and havoc on all people who they deem as SINNERS AND WICKED! In plain language, it is all a bunch of baloney! Crap! They are superstitious, , backward thinking NEANDERTHALS, from planet IGNUNT!!! God does not punish people for being different or for having different *morals!* Bad weather is caused by Global Warming which is caused by bad invironmental practices! Rich, greedy, war mongering murderers, who want more, more and more! Sod the planet. Sod people. They just fill their nasty pockets and bank accounts with tons and tons of money! And, these Neo Nazi Christians who want to kill and punish all who dissagree with them, use GOD AS AN EXCUSE to whip up hate and bigotry! If it were left up to them, they would throw virgins in to the fiery furnace of an active volcano to appease this God of War and Death!!! How sad and pathetic they are!!!!!! I say, *THROW THEM TO THE LIONS!!!* Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Limited edition prints of *Bush 2001, The Auntie Christ.* available now!

Limited edition prints of *Bush 2001, The Auntie Christ.* available now!
You can buy signed prints of this anti Bush piece of art by emailing me at . You can view more art by Jayne County at . Also download Wayne Jayne County and The Electric Chairs on ITunes. Or go to the Cherry Red Records UK web site. See you there!!!!!!!!! xXxXxX Jayne County
Posted by Jayne County at 6:37 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007




NOTE FROM JAYNE COUNTY: I OFTEN PUT UP OTHER WRITERS THAT I LIKE. ANYTHING WRITTEN BY ME WILL SAY WRITTEN BY JAYNE COUNTY. (This is from Wikipedia.) The conspirators thought to be responsible for the new world order are also suspected of staging many historical events such as World Wars and terrorist attacks. New world order theorists say that world leaders throughout history have successfully manipulated their people into wars using false flag operations. To support these assertions they cite what they consider to be previous examples of such manipulations:
The Nazis capitalized on the Reichstag fire by blaming the Communists for it, thus eliminating support for the Communist party in Germany, and leading to Nazi domination of the legislature.
The United States knew in advance of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, and President Roosevelt used the attacks as a "legitimate" reason for entering World War II.
Operation Northwoods, a proposed series of false flag operations to be used as a pretext for an invasion of Cuba, was signed off by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but rejected by President Kennedy shortly before his assassination.
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident led President Johnson to escalate U.S. hostilities in Vietnam
The Federal Reserve Act, designed to regulate bankers, was written on a private island off the coast of Georgia in 1910 by bankers representing the JP Morgan, Rockefeller, and Rothschild interests. This allegedly gave the top international bankers the power to control and manipulate the United States economy.
Elements of the United States government knew in advance of the attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, the Bush administration used the attacks as a "legitimate" reason to enter Afghanistan, and later Iraq. It is also thought that the US may use similar reasoning to invade Iran, Israel, Lebanon and other countries in the middle east as a foothold for the new world order.
Other new world order theorists see the conspiracy at work in globalization, or in the various intellectual movements evolved from Marxism, ranging from social democracy to the Frankfurt School. These are thought to be intended to homogenize cultures and values by political normalization, as in the European Union and African Union's gradual "communitarian construction" scheme of a common economic and legal framework. THEOCRATIC LUNATICS.

StumbleUpon » SU Bush Sucks: BUSH Pics Thread :)

StumbleUpon » SU Bush Sucks: BUSH Pics Thread :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This Summer, Will America Officially Become A Totalitarian State?

This Summer, Will America Officially Become A Totalitarian State? (Jayne County*s comment on this article from OpEdNews - GET YOUR PASSPORTS READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Monday, July 16, 2007

Church and State. Hitler thought he was doing GOD*s work! So does Bush! Written by Jayne County

Church and State (CLICK THE WORDS Church and State to the left, to see the video and hear the music.) The RepubliKKKan Party is a modern day version of an early developing Nazi Germany. These people think they are being led by God! But they do the very OPPOSITE of what Christ taught! Hitler thought he was bringing about the *Thousand Year Reign* on earth. The NAZIS and The current RepubliKKKan Party and the psycho Neo Cons are the new modern day Nazis. Combining church and state with war and greed, they seek to controll the ENTIRE WORLD. Germany sought the same thing. Now it is AmeriKa*s turn to RESURRECT the FASCIST head of the BEAST from the Bottomless Pit, and bring about the destruction of the ENTIRE PLANET. The SCARLETT WOMAN that rides the great BEAST is the UNION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! The Scarlett Woman is the Roman Catholic Church (The Great Whore) and the Protestant Churches are the HARLOT DAUGHTERS which *came out* of HER during the Prostestant Reformation! The Government is the BEAST. The Scarlett Woman rides the Beast! The Church rides the Governments of the world to make war and to surpress the PEOPLES FREEDOMS. In the name of SECURITY Hitler, Stalin, Nimrod, Bush, all the dictators and BIG BROTHERS of the world, promise to protect you by taking away your individual rights and freedoms!!! Are YOU going to fall for this shit again PEOPLE?? Are you going to dance dance dance and snort snort snort untill the knock on the door comes in the middle of the night and you are taken away somewhere to dissappear into the wilderness, never to return???????????? We have all got to wake up and smell the shit! The Four Horsemen are fully saddled and ready to ride the tide of Fascism right into your bedrooms, doctors clinics, schools, churches and libraries! If we don*t fight back then we are DEAD! Or worse, we will live our lives in the CHAINS OF SLAVERY! Do not bow down to BABYLON! The writing is once again on the wall! The King of Babylon commands us to BOW DOWN, but we must REFUSE, RESIST AND FIGHT BACK!!!! PEOPLE HAVE GOT THE POWER TO COME TOGETHER AND RESIST THIS COMING DARKNESS!!! Stop fighting, bickering and bitching with each other, and UNITE! Get to work! PROTEST, WRITE LETTERS, SIGH PETITIONS, TAKE TO THE STREETS, REFUSE TO BOW DOWN! WRITE ARTICLES, WRITE BLOGS, WRITE POEMS DO SHOWS SING SONGS DO DO DO DO DO DO DO!!!!! For one day, you may not have the right to do ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!! Let those that have eyes, SEE! Let those that have ears, HEAR! And let those that have big mouths, like me, SCREAM, SHOUT AND YELL OUT THE WARNING! It is better to live free in a state of CHAOS than to live as a slave in a fantasy state of safety. Be warned WE THE PEOPLE!!! It may be later than you think! Sincerely, Jayne County (As always, please forgive any misspellings!)

BUSHFLASH 14 Reasons Why AmeriKa is Fascist!!!


"End the Occupation NOW!"

"End the Occupation NOW!" Amerikans are not being told what is REALLY going on in Iraq. But the rest of the world knows! Just like in Soviet Russia, the people of AmeriKa are fed propaganda and LIES! Watch this and be afraid! Sincerely, Jayne County

Sunday, July 15, 2007


BUSH ALMIGHTY! Listen to the great song *I Hate Republicans!!!* and watch the video! I wish I had written this, it*s exactly the way I feel about the bastards! x Jayne County

Friday, July 13, 2007

Keith Olbermann Lets Asshole Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security, have it good!!!

JAYNE COUNTY*S COMMENT ON THIS EXCERT FROM A COLUMN BY KEITH OLBERMANN IS : * I love Keith Olbermann. He dares to tell the truth about the IGNUNT baboons trying to turn America into AmeriKa the police state! Basically he is calling the guy an ASSHOLE and rightly so. Read on!!! Jayne County. But the fifth possible explanation of your gut, Mr. Chertoff, is the real nightmare scenario.
And it is simple.
That you, the man who famously told us “Louisiana is a city that is largely under water,” meant this literally.
That we really have been reduced to listening to see if your gut will growl.
That your intestines are our best defense.
That your bowels are our listening devices, your digestive tract is full of augurs, your colon produces the results that the torture at Gitmo does not.
All hail the prophetic gut!
So there are your choices: bureaucratic self-protection, political manipulation of the worst kind, the dropping of opaque hints, a gaffe backfilled by an “instant report,” or the complete disintegration of our counterterror effort.
Even if there really is never another terror attempt in this country, we have already lost too much in these last six years to now have to listen to Michael Chertoff’s gut, no matter what its motivation.
We cannot and will not turn this country into a police state.
But even those of us who say that most loudly and insistently acknowledge that some stricter measures, under the still-stricter supervision of as many watchdogs as we can summon, are appropriate.
But you’re not even going to wring any of that from us, Mr. Chertoff, if we’re going to hear remarks about your “gut feelings.”
You have reduced yourself to the status of a hunch-driven clown, and it’s probably time you turned your task over to somebody who represents the brain and not the gut, certainly to somebody who does not, as you do now, represent that other part of the anatomy — the one through which the body disposes of what the stomach doesn’t want.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Now even many RepubliKKKans are finally waking up to the truth that King George and his Gestapo murderers are DESTROYING America. They have replaced this once proud, free, country with AmeriKKKa! A right wing FASCIST STATE! And I am wondering if the namby pamby DemoBrats have the right stuff to get these RepubliKKKan bastards out of the White House, once in for all!!! I always vote Democrat but lately I am for the first time in many years having second thoughts! So what could happen IF I do not vote Democrat this time? I once thought that by not voting Democrat, I was voting for the RepubliKKKans because no one else but the DEMS have a chance in high HELL of beating the ReTHUGlikans! But now I don*t know! Hilary Clinton has become a moderate RepubliKKKan, and she has her split tounge so far up their asses that I wonder if those rumours that she studied Marxism in her college years are actually true. Cause if you ask me we could use some of Kark Marx*s ideas in this country now! Get back to your Marxist roots Hilary! GET BACK LORETTA!!! And John Edwards, bless his pretty little heart is a dreamboat but I just ain*t so sure he has the power to stand up to the AmeriKan Fascist Neo Cons that are destroying the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights in this country. And Obama! Who knows? He has at times sounded too much like a war mongerer himself! Leaving the option on the table to bomb Iran, just dosn*t get me in much of a mood to vote for him! And the fact that the DemoBrats have made no attempt to IMPEACH the BASTARDS, absloutely infuriates me!!!! So now I am thinking like this: *Why vote for either ?Because if the DemoBrats cannot step up to the plate, and fight like HELL then the RepubliKKKans win anyway! I mean, why vote for the EVIL Republikkkans OR the powerless DEMS? If the RepubliKKKans get in again, mayby it would freak out so many people that we could have some sort of SECOND AMERIKAN CIVIL WAR! It*s like buying two different flavors of Kool Aid! And there is no Purple Haze in either!!! What drag man. I mean, a real bummer! Hey, they both bring me down! Mayby we need a new *Let*s Drop Out* movement! Fuckum all!!! Just let them all destroy each other! That is how pissed off I am at the DEMS and totally disgusted I am at the Republikkkans! So then it dosn*t matter whether I vote for the DEMS or the cockroaches! Everything will still be fucked up! So I am thinking of saying *FUCK YOU* to both of the parties by voting for someone who is more in my line of thinking anyway! Who knows? If enough people like me get pissed off at both parties then mayby they will do the same thing! Vote Socialist or Communist just as an act of rebellion! OR mayby vote for Ron Paul or one of the really *far left wing* DEMS. ISIS, I wish we could have a full scale REVOLUTION and completely start over from the ground up!! At any rate, *YOU CAN*T FOOL THE CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION!* Written by Jayne County PS. PLEASE excuse any misspellings!!!!! I often write late at night just before going to bed after a few glasses of red wine! So good night friends, and don*t let the Fascists bite!!!


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July 9, 2007 at 18:21:45
The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq, Part Three: Desperation unto Bombing Iran?
by Walter C. Uhler Page 1 of 2 page(s)

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document.write ("

(Note: Part One of "The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq: Criminality, Immorality, Incompetence and Desperation examined the criminality and immorality underlying the Bush/Cheney regime's invasion of Iraq (see ). Part Two, examined the disasters that could have been avoided, except for the gross incompetence with which the invasion was conducted (see ). Part Three, below, examines the desperation, which now compels various political actors to contemplate drastic action before the Bush/Cheney regime leaves office.)
Part Three: Desperation unto Bombing Iran?
Thanks to mid-term congressional elections in November 2006 -- during which Americans delivered a crushing rebuke to the Bush/Cheney regime's handling of its war in Iraq -- and thanks to the report of the Iraq Study Group, which was delivered a month later, the cowards in the White House finally admitted that a "new approach" was needed in Iraq.
Cowards? Yes! As more than one observer has lamented about this pair of jokers: "People don't Change." Neither Bush nor Cheney opposed the war in Vietnam, but neither proved brave enough or patriotic enough to volunteer to fight for their country there, when they had the chance. True to form, in April 2004, a full year into his debacle in Iraq, when our cowardly president was asked whether his administration had made any mistakes, the supposedly honest, forthright and swaggering Bush said he could not think of any.
In fact, neither Bush nor Cheney possessed the courage to level with Americans about what they really had in mind for Iraq. And neither has demonstrated the courage to stand up, like a man, and take responsibility for the criminality, immorality and incompetence that has produced the holocaust in Iraq. Moreover, cowardice richly explains how Bush could dare to challenge the insurgents to "Bring 'em on" in Iraq -- but from the safety of the White House in Washington D.C.
Cowardice also explains Bush's recent commutation of Scooter Libby's thirty-month prison sentence. Libby simply knows too much about the Bush/Cheney regime's criminality, immorality and incomptence. Thus, the commutation is a part of a cowardly coverup.
Finally, cowardice also explains why Bush and Cheney ignored advice from their senior military leaders, which recommended against an escalation of the war in Iraq. Simply recall Colin Powell's June 10, 2007 statements to Tim Russert on Meet the Press. When Russert asked Powell why his predicted troop drawdown in early 2007 didn't occur, Powell responded: "A different choice was made by the Prsident."
Elaborating, Powell asserted: "The President received advice from his military advisers last fall that said, do not send more troops." Moreover, "Gen. Abizaid went before Congress, the commander of Central Command, and said he had consulted with all of division commanders in Iraq and all of the senior commanders, and non of them wanted to send additional troops." [Robert Parry, "Powell Belies 'Commander Guy' Bush,", June, 10, 2007]
Taking such advice would have implied that their war was lost, a matter Bush and Cheney are afraid to admit. So, instead, the cowards sucker-punched the American electorate, the Iraq Study Group and the U.S. military by ordering a desperate, last ditch escalation of the war, which they called a "surge." Thus, more U.S. soldiers and innocent Iraqis are destined to die for their cowardice.
(Inveterate liar and hypocrite that he is, Bush would subsequently criticize Democrats for attempting to manage the war from Washington, while noting how he listens to his commanders.)
Desperately seizing upon another pipe-dream of the neocons, the Bush/Cheney regime touted the "surge" as a measure which would stamp down sectarian violence in Baghdad long enough to allow the food-fighting politicians in Iraq's national government sufficient time to reconcile their differences on such critical issues as the distribution of oil revenues, the holding of local elections and the reversal of the de-Baathification process.
Astute analysts, such as Anthony Cordesman, immediately saw the flaws in this desperate move: "Winning security control of the city (of Baghdad) and losing Iraq's 11 other major cities and countryside to Iraq's sectarian and ethnic factions is not victory (in any strategic sense), it is defeat." Moreover, U.S. policymakers have "completely failed to set forth a strategy and meaningful operational plan for dealing with Iraq as a country even if it succeeds in Baghdad." [Martin Sieff, "Iraq Surge Strategy Slammed," UPI, Feb. 22, 2007]
As if to demonstrate the accuracy of Cordesman's observation, on July 7, 2007, a suicide truck bomber in the village of Amerli killed at least 105 people and injured some 200 more, "leading to fears that insurgents who had fled intense military operations in Baghdad and Diyala are turning to more vulnerable targets nearby." [New York Times July 8, 2007] In fact, the U.S. simply does not have sufficient boots on the ground to prevent insurgents from exercising classical insurgency strategy - tactical retreat in the face of massed firepower, in order to wreak havoc elsewhere.
The violence has surged to such an extent - in spite of Bush's "surge" - that "prominent Shiite and Sunni politicians [have] called on Iraqi civilians to take up arms to defend themselves." [Robert H. Reid, "Iraqi politicians call on civilians to arm themselves," The Independent, 9 July 2007] So much, then, for the "surge" as a means of stamping down sectarian violence.
In fact, on June 29, 2007, nine days after concluding, "the US is now losing in Iraq," Cordesman noted that "the level of sectarian and ethnic separation now taking place throughout the country, the weakness of the central government at every level, and the rising power of local authority…are now clearly changing the 'surge' strategy." [Cordesman, "Iraq and Anbar: Surge or Separation?" CSIS Publications, June 29, 2007]
Thus, his conclusion: "Even if security in Baghdad is achieved, it cannot be a bridge to successful national conciliation by a weak central government facing massive nation-wide problems in terms of growing local power and civil conflicts." [Ibid]
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Walter C.
Walter C. Uhler is an independent scholar and freelance writer whose work has been published in numerous publications, including The Nation, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Journal of Military History, the Moscow Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. He also is President of the Russian-American International Studies Association (RAISA).
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Monday, July 9, 2007


There is no such thing as an *illegal alien!* Well, E.T!!! Or King George Bush and the rest of his murdering party of land stealing Texas buttholes!!! So I say, give all the land we stole from Mexico back! Especially TEXAS! All the streets and cities have Spainish names cause it was MEXICO, YOU FUCKING DING BATS!!! AmeriKa is STOLEN LAND! And now we are getting back our KARMA!!! They will take back their land one way or another! And I say, GOOD FOR THEM!!! Since the times of the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs and Mayans, it did not belong to white Eruopeans and it still does not. Now we are being dealt a terrible blow because of AmeriKKKas selfish, greedy blood stained wrong doings toward the Mexican and American Indians. All the Native People of this stolen land deserve better than what this evil country called AmeriKKKa has given them! Here is my POEM OF BLOOD AND DEATH. " With oil running thru their wasted veins instead of blood, they kill, steal and lie their way to the top. Walking on the bodies and the bones of the poor and underpriviledged. The are cannibals that eat the flesh of their own people! They drink the blood of the murdered soldiers sent to die in an illegal and immoral war for oil, land and domination! The new HITLERS ARE AMERIKKKAN!!! AND I SAW THE BEAST RAISE ITS UGLY HEAD OF FASCISM FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT OF WAR AND FIRE!!! And a pregnant woman screamed *WHY HAVE YOU KILLED MY UNBORN CHILD???* Oh ye vipers and hypocrites of SATAN!!! You say abortion is immoral but you murder pregnant women and their unborn children! THE FETUS IS DEAD WHETHER IT DIES BY ABORTION OR BY WAR! YE SHALL BE JUDGED BY THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT CHILDREN!!! You are Anti Christ and you worship the Golden Calf!!! You twist the words of CHRIST and use Gods name as an excuse to murder! HADES AWAITS YOU!!! You HARLOT DAUGHTERS which have come out of the GREAT WHORE! You are FALSE PROPHETS WHO WORSHIP IN THE TEMPLE OF SATAN!!!" Poem and article written by Jayne County


AND JAYNE COUNTYS COMMENT ON THIS IS: GIVE ALL THE LAND THAT WE STOLE FROM MEXICO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN THEY BE ILLEGAL ON THEIR OWN LAND!!! WE TOOK IT FROM THEM!!! IT IS THEIR LAND ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA LA ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Immigration Bill Stopped in the Senate Fascist Anti-Immigrant Offensive Continues We reported in issue #93 (“The Rulers’ Push for an Immigration Bill—A Program of Increased Repression and Legalized Slavery”) about the push to “revive” the immigration bill by George Bush and Senate backers of the bill. On June 28, the bill’s proponents failed to close debate in the Senate and bring the bill to a vote. This meant that the opponents of the bill could talk endlessly (filibuster) in opposition to the bill and prevent the bill from ever coming to a decisive vote; the bill was withdrawn. This bill was put together by high-level ruling class “wise men”—a small group of Democratic and Republican senators, working with Bush. If it had become law, the bill would not have meant anything good for immigrants. At the heart of the bill were: (1) more militarization of the border and immigrant detention camps; (2) a “guest worker” program to keep immigrant workers in slave-like conditions; (3) a “legalization” scheme to force undocumented immigrants to register with the government in return for a temporary visa; (4) major restrictions in the ability of citizens and permanent residents to bring family members legally into the U.S. The bill’s proponents called their plan “comprehensive immigration reform”--in reality, the bill was aimed at comprehensive repression against immigrants. But the Senate bill met furious opposition from within Bush’s own party, right-wing mouthpieces like CNN’s Lou Dobbs, and forces like the vigilante Minutemen who declared that the bill was not harsh enough because it did not call for even more extreme measures like making people without documents into felons. The terms of public debate around immigration became even more reactionary—on one side, the backers of the bill arguing that this was the best way to “control” immigration and “secure” the border; and on the other side, those pushing an openly fascistic clampdown on immigrants. And the defeat of the bill is further emboldening these fascist forces and is part of the accelerating moves toward greater repression overall. As a key part of trying to get the bill through the Senate, its backers announced changes in the proposal in order to further promote the repressive measures in the bill. In particular, Bush promised an immediate authorization of $4.4 billion for “border security” if the bill became law—for increased militarization of the border with more walls, surveillance equipment, armed agents and troops, etc. And Bush said that this money will come out of the “fines” that undocumented immigrants would have to pay in order to get a temporary visa. Conservative Republicans opposing the bill called it “amnesty for lawbreakers.” Some Democrats opposed some of the provisions of the “guest worker” program and the awarding of visas based on job skills as opposed to the current system based on connections to family members that are already in the U.S. legally. In the media coverage, the debate over the bill has been portrayed as a clash between anti-immigrant, “pro-enforcement” forces against more “moderate,” “pragmatic,” and “pro-immigrant” forces. But as Revolution has analyzed, this is a debate among the rulers over who has the best plan for much more severely controlling and repressing the 12 to 20 million undocumented people in the U.S. and future “guest workers,” while exploiting them as a critical source of super-profits. (For further background and analysis, see “Senate Immigration Bill: The Clash in the Halls of Power…and the Real Interests of the People” in issue #92, online at The stopping of this Senate immigration bill reportedly means that it is unlikely there will be any attempt to pass another “comprehensive” bill this year or next year. There may be some attempt to pass more limited immigration measures, especially to further increase repression. Republican Senator Jim DeMint, one of the leading opponents of the Senate bill, said after its defeat, "We'll proceed with the security and enforcement aspects of this bill.” Meanwhile, the fascist offensive against immigrants continues, with the defeat of the bill further spurring this on—and this must be opposed. The ACLU reports that “In dozens of cities across the country, local government officials are attempting to drive undocumented workers out of their towns by punishing those who employ or rent to them.” Racist vigilantes like the Minutemen are stepping up their activity. Walls and other border measures continue to increase, driving more immigrants to cross through deserts and mountains, and leading to hundreds of deaths a year. And increasing Gestapo raids by armed agents of Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) are spreading terror in immigrant communities across the country.


Care2 - the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference!

Care2 - the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Join the IHCenter Member Project

Becoming an IHCenter Member Project
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IHCenter will consider any project, large or small, long-term or short, in any geographic region. While there are specific categories under which our nonprofit status is qualified, most endeavors that fall within environmental/ecological, humanitarian, and social justice spheres are acceptable. Once your project is reviewed and deemed in alignment with our charter, we'll take the process to the next level, which is where we'll interview you, and the principle members of your team, as desired. After all, it's your project and your vision. We simply need to be assured that you are serious, and prepared to manage it. Should our cooperative assessment of your plan and team reveal areas where you need help, our growing network of participants may be able to provide a solution.
If you wish to expand the possibilities for supporting your cause and you feel you and your project qualify, take the time to apply to IHCenter. We just might find a way to create reality together...
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So that you may be better apprised of the day-to-day affairs of operating a fiscally sponsored project, we highly recommend that new applicants review the Frequently Asked Questions found at Should you wish to have copy on-hand, you may download the IHCenter FAQs in Adobe PDF format. [Right-click on the link in this paragraph and select "Save Target As"] (Please take note of the instructions for installing Adobe Reader* found below.)
Please Note: Due to our need to expand staff and implement promised improvements in our service to currently sponsored programs, we began charging a US$200.00 activation fee for incoming programs effective 1 May 2005. Please be aware that payment is due upon program approval.
*To view or print the FAQs you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The download is a simple and well-explained process and includes a free user license. Click on the Adobe Link below to go directly to the download page.



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Alot Of Karl Marx*s Writings Ring True Today!

HERE IS SOMETHING FROM KARL MARX THAT I BELIEVE IS HAPPENING MORE AND MORE IN AMERIKA TODAY!!! - Jayne County - *Our epoch, the epoch of the bourgeoisie, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simplified class antagonisms. Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other -- bourgeoisie and proletariat. *