Thursday, May 29, 2014


Thank you Isis not all Trans people agree with these fringe trans activists! These so called 'activists'  are CONSERVATIVES who are scared to death that someone may think that they are GAY! Or even worse  (Shock horror!) a DRAGQUEEN! If you were really secure with your own gender and sexuality, you wouldn't care what anyone else thought ! And I would bet you a million that the majority of these  'activists' don't give two cents for the Community and would be quite happy to not be a part of it at all! And if that's the case then I say good riddance! Leave and go form your own 'Conservative Trans Community.' And leave the rest of us alone! Succeed from the GLBT Community. Call yourselves 'The Confederate Trans Community Of AmeriKa!' Mayby even form your own country, with Rush Limbaugh as your president! You could call it Aftranastan! And your religious leaders could be called The Tranaban! That way you could inforce the usage of language and punish anyone for using words you rule to be offensive by chopping off their hands or pulling out their tongues! You could censor any words you choose! So mayby you really do think its time for you to get rid of the 'T' word once and for all! No, I'm not talking about THAT 'T' word! I'm talking about the 'T' in GLBT! I'm sure most of these activists would love separating themselves since most of them seem to be homo and dragphobic. And another thing I don 't get. If you really consider yourselves 'women' why do some of you insist on putting the word 'Trans' in front of the word. Trans Woman ! That's just like saying that you don't consider yourselves to be  'real' women at all! If you did you wouldn't feel the need to insert the word 'trans' in front of the word  'woman!' My my! Words Words Words!!!!! Yep sometimes WORDS can be SUCH a problem! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Oh Great Fuhrer! We who are about to destroy The LGBT Community, salute you! NEW RULES FROM THE WORD POLICE ! 10. No one will be allowed to wear false eyelashes! Our Great Leader once got a lash caught in her left eye and it caused her eye to go red as a wild beet! Now the sight of those huge scary giant spiders glued to Lady Bunny's eyes with Elmer's glue, causes her to go into hysterical shrieks so loud that that a flock of seagulls once landed on her head and tried to mate with her!!! NO EYELASHES! They are now deemed offensive to seagulls!!! Also from now on, anyone allowed in our Great Leader's presence will be required to have their eyelashes removed or simple pulled out! RULE NUNBER 9. No short skirts or dresses! As most other TGirls have better legs than our beloved Devine Lord, no short skirts or dresses will be allowed at any club, bar, Gay Rights marches or Harper Valley PTA meetings! RULE NUMBER 8. No make up! From now on, trans wo men will no longer be allowed to wear make up ! It makes us look like Harlots, like Jezebel from the Bible! Jezebel was an evil wo man that tempted men into drgrading sex ! Any trans wo man that wears make up will be thrown out their apartment windows! Because after all, if the dogs wouldn't eat Jezebell's face because of all the poisonous make up, then make up must be offensive to dogs and it should not be allowed! RULE NUMBER 7. No further use of the word 'woman.' Since the word 'woman' contains the word 'man' it is therefore offensive! From now on we will drop the man bit and refer to ourselves as wos! We are Transwos! The word 'man' is now banned because it is hurtful and painful for us to remember that we were once considered  'men!' We haven't thought about how this will affect Female to Males yet because we are also banning the word 'female' because it contains the word  'male.' This is equally offensive to us Wos so from now on we are to be referred to as  'FES.' Also while we are at it let 's ban the word 'human' as well! This is a very hurtful word as one day a Ford Pickup full of rednecks yelled out, "Hey you ugly human." at one of us so the word 'human' is hereby deemed offensive and is now banned! From now on we shall say HU. As in I am a WO and a FE and I belong to the Hu Race ! RULE NUMBER  6. No Wigs!! Transwos will no longer be allowed to wear wigs because they are hot as HELL!!!!! And even if you did break this rule and wore a wig, since you are no longer allowed to wear make up you wouldn't have to worry about the wigs making your make up run! And for all of you that have thin hair or a receded hairline or are BALD, our Leader has suggested you use a magic marker to color in some hair!!! But please be careful if you are in the back seat of a hot car with a sex partner and you are giving  'him' a hot breezejob! (Blow is banned.) Cause the magic marker could come (Oopps!) off on his hands and if you used a black (Oooops!) or brown magic marker, this could be offensive to him if he is a RACIST! Oh praise our Great Leader! This is for your own good! Little BIG SISTER SAYS SO!!! Oh wait ! RULE NUMBER 5. Sister is also to be banned because it contains the letters S I S which is short (Whoops!) for SISSY which is offensive to Transwos because someone here on planet earth one day may yell  "SISSY!!!!" at one of us! And that mean old RuPaul uses the slur word 'sissy' as in "Sissy that walk!" And this is highly offensive to us high and mighty, hello down there, more educated than you, Transwos!!! So no more wigs and no more sissy! Just as a sidenote, I have no idea what poor offensive people like Lady Bunny are going to do! No wigs, no make up, no short skirts, no false eyelashes! OMG ! Lady Bunny will no longer exist! But who cares ! She is just an offensive 'dragqueen' that uses slurs in her act just like RuPaul so as long as we get OUR way, WHO CARES what the likes of Lady Bunny and 'her' ilk think! RULE NUMBER 4. No more nail polish. We haven't figured out yet why this is offensive, but don't worry, WE WILL!!! RULE NUMBER 3. No hiheels! Or hi heels. Or high heels! I mean, heels that are hi. No wait, I mean heels that are high. Not a person that is high like "That heel sure is high" or as in  "Hi you high heel."  And not as in "You are high and I am going to 'heal' you, praise the Lord!!!" I'm speaking of those things that those 'dragqueens' wear on their feet! Shoes! Oh thats it! Shoes! High heels are offensive so from now on everyone will have to wear flats. The term  'flats' here, refers to shoes and not where someone lives, as in "I am British, and I live in a 'flat.' Flats are also more safe to wear in public in case someone yells "sissy" at you, and you have to run! As in the case of how it was back in the 60's, when queens (Ooooops!) had to carry two pairs of shoes on them in case a truck full of rednecks drove up and started calling everyone "Ringo"  and other slur words. (Google Beatles) And the 'gurls' (Ooooops again!) had to make a quick switch from heels to flats so they could run faster ! So sorry wos and fes!  No more highheels! RULE NUMBER 2. Our Great And Powerful Oz, oooops, I mean, LEADER, has informed me that there is to be a change in the lettering of the term, GLBT ! Why is the T last? We as Transwos and Fes are deeply hurt and are suffering tremendously from this lower case positioning of the letter T ! We are hurt and are bleeding profusely out our anal canals over this discrimination! So from now on it will be the TBLG Community. We are way too important to be misrepresented and abused in this manner ! And remember, it's 'ladies first' except in the case of when we want to use a situation to aquire and abuse more power by putting our rights first above everyone elses!!! Remember, we have the right to abuse your rights! We can forbid you the right to choose which words you can and cannot use to identify yourselves! WE come first and screw you !!! Oh summer is here and change is in the air! So we are now the TBLG Community! RULE NUMBER 1. Our Supreme Leader of The Sacred Country of Tranistan, has ruled that because all language contains slurs and upsetting words that we no longer wish to hear, that ALL language and words will be banned in our presence! You will now address and converse with US in a series of, GRUNTS, MOANS, GROANS, FARTS AND BELCHES, all set to classical music! You may use 'mmmmmmmmm' and 'Hmmmmmm' as well as rolling your eyes in all manner of horrid expressions ! This will assure us that we will no longer be upset or offended by ANY words! OH and you may also wiggle your hips and wave your arms around like you were doing The Locomotion. For those of you who are too young to recall The Locomotion, please go to Google and get yourself educated! Oh, and you didn't get this from me (I am being watched myself by The Word Police!) but while you are there, look up the word FASCISM! You may actually learn something that could save our entire community!!! OUR GREAT AND POWERFUL LEADER HATH SPOKEN!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Tranny, Revisited by Auntie Kate

Background: There’s been a firestorm around the word “tranny,” which has been extended to “she-male,” and even to “gender outlaw.” I thought I’d covered all the bases on my stand on tranny five years ago, in this blog post:

But no, the controversy continues. I’ve been in treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, both of which tend to dull the mind. By last night, I’d recovered enough of my mind to realize that there’s been no definition of tranny to fight over, so I thought I’d come up with one that I could fit into 140 characters. Here’s what I came up with and tweeted:

“How I define #tranny: ANYONE who messes around w gender w little or no care as to how tht might effect their standing in mainstream culture.”

To my way of thinking, a proper and productive response to a proffered definition is to agree with it, disagree and refine it, or disprove it. The majority of responses to my tweet were all about how the word tranny has effected people’s lives. One person, however, managed to refute my definition by saying:

“I fuck with gender. I am not a t*****.”

For this person, I’m clarifying my definition. What I didn’t spell out is that I understand “tranny” to be a radical, sex-positive gender identity. Tranny is to trans person as fag is to gay man and dyke is to lesbian. More to the point of agreeing or disagreeing with tranny as a gender identity for oneself: I’ve been saying since I wrote the book, Gender Outlaw 20 years ago, that the only person who can name our gender identities is ourselves. In my own life, I’ve rejected the gender identities of both man and woman—despite the fact that I managed to live up to many cultural definitions of both those identities. I pass as a woman, I’m called she by strangers. AND I reject the gender identity of woman. Accordingly, if someone fits my definition of tranny and rejects that identity, then I respect their rejection of the identity.

Now, since I’ve opened this wound, I’ve decided to address some of the main objections to the use of the word, tranny. In no particular order, these objections are:

    — Reclaiming a Hate Word Doesn't Work

Tranny is not a reclamation. Tranny has been our word for nearly half a century. Some trannies in Sydney, Australia came up with the term as an umbrella term to unite with love and as family the disparate communities transsexuals and drag queens. This makes it unlike words like nigger and slut. These, and other words invented by haters, have been reclaimed and are being reclaimed with great difficulty.

    — Using the Word Tranny Promotes Transphobic Violence

Policing words out of existence will not stop transphobic violence. At best, it might change the words used during that violence. 

    — When Kate Bornstein calls themself a tranny, 
it encourages and gives others the right to call all trans women trannies.

No, it doesn’t. Transphobes don’t look to me for permission or encouragement for anything. They may, and certainly have, used my words out of context to support their views. 

    — FTMs are not allowed to use the word for themselves.

FTMs are certainly included in my definition if they want to be. 

    — Tranny associates me with pornography & sex workers.

Association with sex and sex workers is often a means of denigrating people. Classist sex negativity is no reason for me to cease celebrating my sex positive identity.

    — Why all this fuss, just to protect an edgy word?

It’s more than an edgy word. Tranny is a valid, vibrant, and vital identity. Protecting that identity is what I’m making the fuss about.

In closing: that people are offended by what I call myself is simply not my problem. Transphobia is our communal problem, and I have stood and will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who’s fighting that hatred.

OK, done now. I’m going to get back to healing my body.

Auntie loves you. Have good sex and fun with gender. Kiss Kiss.


PARKER MARIE MOLLOY - The New Face Of TranSS Fascism

Darren Devereaux
17 minutes ago
This fury of newly trans hate that is currently directed toward RuPaul was ignited by Parker Marie Molloy. SHAME on Parker Marie Molloy for igniting this war based on her own self-hatred, and identity as a victim What this tranny stands for is newly trans propaganda of anti-effeminacy in queer men. I have had it with the newly trans hate campaign against RuPaul. Officially! The problem is, the newly trans are preoccupied with traditional notions of masculinity and express negative feelings towards effeminate behaviour in queer men. These attitudes by newly trans reflect internalised negative feelings about being effeminate in a male born body that desperately wants to be female. Thus, the newly trans seek to assess the importance of masculinity among queer men, to compare their ideal versus perceived masculinity-femininity. Their masculine consciousness and anti-effeminacy direct negative feelings toward queer men
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Darren Devereaux  September Autumnleaf Meadows
3 minutes ago
You newly trans claim RuPaul to be transphobic? Hilarious. You newly trans are over sensitive snowflakes raised on smugfkery. You easily offended newly trans are like gay conservatives: want so desperately to be "normal". You actually resent being grouped into the fringe of LGB society. I think that's where your anger comes from, not the terminology. I've heard people cry foul when someone earnestly tries to be politically correct & has said "transgendered" instead of "transgender". Pick your battles, trannies! You are making a mockery of liberation. Here's a clue for all the newly trans out there: GET A GRIP, GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT

Thursday, May 22, 2014

TranSS Activists! The new FASCISM!

TranSS activists continue their assualt on freedom of language by policing words and bullying people into banning words they don't like. They use their status as VICTIMS to oppress and ban other people's rights to use words of their choice. This is clearly a case of the oppressed oppressing others. It's BULLSHIT! I have lost all respect for these Nazis in flats and bedwetters in bad wigs! They have 'transitioned' from men to BULLIES. I say this because most of them seem to be MF. I guess it fits. Male to female. Male to fascists! They are pathetic sick paranoid assholes! It will all blow up in their faces eventually. Good! Their insolent leader HARKER ANNOY looks like Buddy Holly in a fright wig!

Thursday, May 15, 2014




How many RepubliKKKans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? NONE! They would rather sit in the dark and blame OBAMA!

The Surprise Impact Of Conchita Wurst's Eurovision Triumph


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