Monday, July 30, 2007

Right Wing Sicko Christians Blame *Sinners* For Bad Weather!!! Written by Jayne County

It makes me sick, to hear these hypocritical so called *christians*, blame people who are different from them, for bad weather! Denying GLOBAL WARMING and saying that it is God*s punishment on the so called *wicked.* What a bunch of SICKOS! Also many of these same charlatans invest money in the very COPORATIONS that are raping and plundering our planet! HYPOCRITES IN THE TEMPLE OF SATAN !!! (Ha, and I ain*t even religious, but I also know how to use Biblical language to condemn and slander! ) These sort of fundamentalist, right wing, mentally desturbed PSYCHOS, use the vengeful, old Testament God of HATRED AND MURDER, to wreck pain and havoc on all people who they deem as SINNERS AND WICKED! In plain language, it is all a bunch of baloney! Crap! They are superstitious, , backward thinking NEANDERTHALS, from planet IGNUNT!!! God does not punish people for being different or for having different *morals!* Bad weather is caused by Global Warming which is caused by bad invironmental practices! Rich, greedy, war mongering murderers, who want more, more and more! Sod the planet. Sod people. They just fill their nasty pockets and bank accounts with tons and tons of money! And, these Neo Nazi Christians who want to kill and punish all who dissagree with them, use GOD AS AN EXCUSE to whip up hate and bigotry! If it were left up to them, they would throw virgins in to the fiery furnace of an active volcano to appease this God of War and Death!!! How sad and pathetic they are!!!!!! I say, *THROW THEM TO THE LIONS!!!* Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY.