Saturday, January 12, 2008


I don*t hate RepubliKKKans as people! It*s the SIN of commiting disgusting RepubliKKKan acts of ignorance and stupidity that I hate! If we could send them to hospitals to turn them into Liberals, I think the world would be a better and safer place! God also doesn*t hate RepubliKKKans. But he hates their Republikkkan SINS! Their contempt for the poor, higher education and science are just a few of their multitude of SINS! But RepubliKKKans can change! If they confess their nasty, narrow minded SINS and repent of their disgusting acts of bigotry and purge their poor wilted hearts and brains, then they could wash away their SINS and become turthful, understanding, intelligent Liberals! OH HAPPY DAY! WHEN AN OPEN MIND, WASHED THEIR SINS AWAY!!! Then they will no longer be RepubliKKKans ! Yes, they will be changed in spirit and mind! They will no longer want to sneak off to toilets to have sex with other men or pass repressive laws against Gay People! They will no longer keep women in the chains of slavery by taking away their rights to own their own bodies!!! They will no longer have to hide behind their marriages and children! In the Bible, God destroyed the city of SODOM because the people were RepubliKKKans! They ate their own children and had sex with snakes!!! But now that God has sent us Obama, the sins of the RepubliKKKans can be washed away! Now the RepubiKKKans too, will be able to walk on water and join the angels in Heaven! Then the SINS OF THE REPUBLIKKKANS can be washed away forever!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!! By Jayne County

Sunday, January 6, 2008

RUSH THE MAGIC CRACKHEAD (New Jayne County song and slideshow.) Music by Jasten King.


The DemocratSS To Pass New Laws To Force Everyone To Be Gay!!! (Then Gay Won*t Be Kool Anymore!)

Are The DemocratSS Any Better Than The RepubliKKKans? Pt. 1.
OK OK!!! I know! I usually go a bit easier on our *moderate fascist* friends, The DemocratSS. But I am really fed up with them as I don*t think they fight back enough. Or that they are THAT different when considering the ENTIRE PICTURE! On some details mayby, yes, but taking in the whole picture including the FRAME AND outside of the FRAME, they usually fall within the *same old shit but with less danger * (?) category. Whatever happens, I still do think that they are the *lesser of the same EVIL!!!!* So it looks as though, whoever we vote for, we are still going to have a government!!! Mayby we should feel lucky that they won*t put us in concentration camps or burn us at the stake!???! Oh THANK YOU ISIS!!!!!! After hearing cutie pie, and Ann Coulter fave, John Edwards say *I do NOT believe in Gay Marriage.* My friend said that as far as she was concerned, John Edwards was just another redneck with a less harsher version of the KKK! You know, get to the back of the bus, thing. Don*t hurt those poor Gays unless they start to get all uppity and want to be treated equal to us better than all the rest, WHITE SOUTHERN STRAIGHT BOYS!!! The same old, *let them walk, but make them put their heads down* thing. I grew up in the south and let me tell you, I have had FIRST HAND dealings with this kind of shit! My neighbors were in the KKK, when I was 10! So, the Dems may not be as bad as our darling RepubliKKKan Rough Trade, but they are far from being FANTABULOUS MY DARLINGS!!! So the question is, should we be thankful to the DEMS for not being AS SHITTY AND NASTY as our REPUBLIKKKAN MASTERS!!!??? Oh dear! Shiney boots of leather!!! END OF PART 1. PART 2. TO FOLLOW SOON. Written by Jayne County (Please excuse my bad spelling and grammar. I am a GENDER TERRORIST, NOT A FUCKING ENGLISH TEACHER!!! LOL!)


FRED THOMPSON - You can*t even act even with a decent script, how the HELL you gonna run (Ruin!) the damn country???????? You should have given up when your High School math teacher told you to go work at McDonalds! JOHN MACAIN - The Vietnam War is over you asshole, AND we lost!!!!!! Shut the fuck up!!! MIKE FUCKAMEE - You were probably cute when you were 19 and I may have even picked you up in a Trannie bar at one time, but all the JESUS shit is pure crap! The worst thing about the BABTISTS is, that they don*t hold them under the water long enough! RON PAUL - Yes Ron my love, I know you want us out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY, but how long should witches, pagans and homosexuals be tied to the stake before setting fire to it??? MAYOR 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/ . Now what was his name again??? Oh yeah New York Mayor 9/11! Hey MARY you look better in drag! Why don*t you have a sex change and marry the POPE??? Then you can both do the MUSSILINI all the way to ROME! Or will you both be having din din at Larry Craig*s house??? Mayby he can give you some lessons in TAP DANCING??? MITT ROMNEY - Oh shithook, it*s bad enough having a Catholic or Babtist running!!! Do we really need some religious extremist PSHCHO who believes that some ancestor of Donny Osmond found the rest of the BIBLE hidden under a rock??? And that Native Americans are the Lost Tribes Of Israel??? Or that we all came from MARS??? What a nutjob! Mayby you can team up with Tom Cruise and set us all straight with God and with our future UFO Alien Invader Saviours!!! WHO ELSE IS RUNNING ON THE REPUBLIKKKAN SIDE? OH WHO FUCKING CARES??????? THEY ALL NEED TO BE SPANKED, PUT ON MEDICATION AND FORCED TO HAVE SEX WITH ANN COULTER WHILE ON SUGAR CUBE LSD!!! by Jayne County PS. Don*t worry, I will get around to the DemocratSS soon enough!!!