Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SCARY AMERIKA!!! The country goes even further into becoming a POLICE STATE!

We here at the RRARL, have withdrawn our support of the DemocratSS because of their support of King George and his shameful FASCIST spying program. Although the Dems running for Presedent voted against it, they did not fight it and that is hypocritical and cowardly! We now support the Socialist Party. So here is a short blurb from the paper *Revolution.* Read on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And the Democrats?
Many Democrats in the Congress backed Bush's new law. Others--including all the Democratic presidential candidates—voted against it. But the leaders of the Democratic Party knew the law had the votes to pass and made no extraordinary parliamentary moves (like a filibuster) to stop it, even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the law "does violence to the Constitution."
Many people in the social base of the Democratic Party are bitter and feel betrayed. There was a flood of angry posts on pro-Democratic blogs, and Pelosi got more than 200,000 protest emails.
Breaking Out of the Road to Horror
The logic that the government needs more power to massively snoop into and spy on every detail of people’s lives to provide for their "safety" is a logic that leads to a police state. And it feeds into the logic that the way for Americans to live in “security” is more torture chambers. It leads to more banning of dissent—the same AT&T that is routing your phone calls to the government last week censored the words “George Bush, leave the world alone” out of the internet broadcast of a Pearl Jam concert. And this “security” through repression is connected to the logic that Americans’ “safety” depends on a more aggressive “war on terror” inside and outside the U.S.
Endless war and fascist repression do not make you safe. And the wars, torture, and other crimes of the U.S. rulers bring terrible suffering to the people of the world. Craig Murray, who got fired as British ambassador to Uzbekistan after speaking out against brutal torture used there by the U.S.’s “Coalition of the Willing”—declared, “I’d rather die than have someone tortured to save my life.”
As the Call from World Can't Wait ( says, "That which you do not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn—or be forced—to accept."