Friday, December 28, 2007


That*s right! According to 'Satanic News A Go Go,' Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan Gene Simmons has given birth to Satan*s baby, OUT HIS BUTTHOLE!!! *Wow, what an asshole!* exclaimed head nurse, Zelda Goldensnickle, at Rich Rock Star Capitalist Pig Hospital, in Honolulu. Reportedly it was a very painful and long delivery! Gene cried out in gleeful pain as the Doctors*s stuck a cement mixer up his ass to help pull the baby out . The nasty critter had bat*s wings and horns on it*s head and a tripple headed full hard on ! * What an asshole and what a baby!!! It was both horrifying and awesome.* said Doctor Buckeye Whips. *I had to really dig in up there and break up alot of frozen poop. Evidently, Satan*s baby is just like his father. (Mother!?!) He likes the smell of his own bullshit!* Mia Farrow was there to witness the entire event. *This is a happy day in HELL and wow, WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!* (Reported by George Getontopofus for The Republikkkan magazine, 'US Fascist News And World Report.'