Monday, July 30, 2007

Blair or Brown??? Up, Up, And Away!! Rim Job Anyone???

WRITTEN BY JAYNE COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Blair had his tongue so far up King George*s bun bun that it hung out our Great Leaders*s mouth giving him a forked tongue that could lapp up the entire planet*s sewage! Including used condoms and sea green RepubliKKKan crap!!! Now we get another treat! This Brown idiot, seems just as stupid!!! Poor British!!! Poor AmeriKa!!! Poor World!!! Just LET IT FALL!!! The writing is on the wall and these three Stooges are doing the Babylonian Jerk as thousands of innocent people die!!! Can you do the Iranian Twist??? It goes like this!!! It goes like this!!! War, you are DEAD! I guess all that coke Georgie Boy did in college has eaten up all his rational brain cells! And what bad ACID did Brown drop??? It certainly wasn*t Purple Haze! Mayby he was eating Magic Mushrooms and he got mixed up and ate all the cow crap instead! (Magic Mushrooms grow under big blobs of cow dung!) I guess that is why so much stink is shooting outta their vile, filthy mouths!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm, the ultimate rim job!! UP UP AND AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! By Jayne County