Monday, July 16, 2007

Church and State. Hitler thought he was doing GOD*s work! So does Bush! Written by Jayne County

Church and State (CLICK THE WORDS Church and State to the left, to see the video and hear the music.) The RepubliKKKan Party is a modern day version of an early developing Nazi Germany. These people think they are being led by God! But they do the very OPPOSITE of what Christ taught! Hitler thought he was bringing about the *Thousand Year Reign* on earth. The NAZIS and The current RepubliKKKan Party and the psycho Neo Cons are the new modern day Nazis. Combining church and state with war and greed, they seek to controll the ENTIRE WORLD. Germany sought the same thing. Now it is AmeriKa*s turn to RESURRECT the FASCIST head of the BEAST from the Bottomless Pit, and bring about the destruction of the ENTIRE PLANET. The SCARLETT WOMAN that rides the great BEAST is the UNION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! The Scarlett Woman is the Roman Catholic Church (The Great Whore) and the Protestant Churches are the HARLOT DAUGHTERS which *came out* of HER during the Prostestant Reformation! The Government is the BEAST. The Scarlett Woman rides the Beast! The Church rides the Governments of the world to make war and to surpress the PEOPLES FREEDOMS. In the name of SECURITY Hitler, Stalin, Nimrod, Bush, all the dictators and BIG BROTHERS of the world, promise to protect you by taking away your individual rights and freedoms!!! Are YOU going to fall for this shit again PEOPLE?? Are you going to dance dance dance and snort snort snort untill the knock on the door comes in the middle of the night and you are taken away somewhere to dissappear into the wilderness, never to return???????????? We have all got to wake up and smell the shit! The Four Horsemen are fully saddled and ready to ride the tide of Fascism right into your bedrooms, doctors clinics, schools, churches and libraries! If we don*t fight back then we are DEAD! Or worse, we will live our lives in the CHAINS OF SLAVERY! Do not bow down to BABYLON! The writing is once again on the wall! The King of Babylon commands us to BOW DOWN, but we must REFUSE, RESIST AND FIGHT BACK!!!! PEOPLE HAVE GOT THE POWER TO COME TOGETHER AND RESIST THIS COMING DARKNESS!!! Stop fighting, bickering and bitching with each other, and UNITE! Get to work! PROTEST, WRITE LETTERS, SIGH PETITIONS, TAKE TO THE STREETS, REFUSE TO BOW DOWN! WRITE ARTICLES, WRITE BLOGS, WRITE POEMS DO SHOWS SING SONGS DO DO DO DO DO DO DO!!!!! For one day, you may not have the right to do ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!! Let those that have eyes, SEE! Let those that have ears, HEAR! And let those that have big mouths, like me, SCREAM, SHOUT AND YELL OUT THE WARNING! It is better to live free in a state of CHAOS than to live as a slave in a fantasy state of safety. Be warned WE THE PEOPLE!!! It may be later than you think! Sincerely, Jayne County (As always, please forgive any misspellings!)