Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well it dosn*t surprise me much. Hypocrisy seem to be the order of the day with these sexually repressed RepubliKKKans! They get married, have a mess of kids and vote against Gay Marriage then get caught stealing a piece of Gay cookie in the toilet or back of the White House! Oh I forgot. A TOILET and The WHITEHOUSE are the same thing these days! THE PARTY OF GOD AND ITS REPRESSED HOMOSEXUALS!!! I*ll take a fun lovin, honest DRAG QUEEN anyday, to these shameful, self loathing, repressed Gays called RepubliKKKans! Log Cabin RepubliKKKan anyone? You mean Uncle Toms Cabin full of repressed butch homosexuals? Excuse me while I VOMIT ON A JUDY GARLAND RECORD!!! That is worse than Jews supporting the Nazi Party!!! Sickening!!! And they all claim to be Christians! Christ said himself that he would rather sit at the table with PROSTITUTES than at the table with the Pharisees! And the RepubliKKKans today are the modern day Pharisees! HYPOCRITES IN THE SINAGAGMEWITHAPANCAKEFLIPPERMOGANDMAGOG, OF SATAN! Hey assholes, if you are Gay then COME OUT and be proud of it instead of dragging your sexuality thru the sewer! And no wonder you are a RepubliKKKan! Your entire life is based on LIES! Supporting a party that wants to do you harm is self loathing and down right DISGUSTING! SEIG HEIL!!! All RepubliKKKans, both repressed self loathing Gays OR , hate mongering hypocritical Christian hets, are a disgrace to thier country, their sexuality, and the entire human race! MAY YOU ALL BURN IN HELL!!! (If there is one, which I doubt.) But in this case I hope there is so you all can burn together in your own cess pool of lies, deceit, war, and murder!!! Have a nice day! x Jayne County