Monday, August 6, 2007


Comment from Jayne County. (This is a news item I re posted. And I already know that Alice Cooper is a right wing RepubliKKKan born again Christian asshole, who thinks anyone dissagreeing with our pathetic government, should be hung!!! Mayby next time he does his phony HANG THE FREAK show, using a gallows, he will really hang himself!!! At least it*s good to know what side these old capitalist warmongerers are on!!!) When the next AmeriKan Civil War comes, I wonder which phony freak for a night will be looking down the barrell of my trusty, rusty, musket??? Here is the aritcle on heterosexual pretend to be the Anti Christ on stage but I am really just a normal guy, Marlyn Manson. ....................... Former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Stephen Gregory Bier Jr. (aka Madonna Wayne Gacy) claims that the musician has spent a huge amount of the band's money on nazi artifacts (SS typewriters, swastika wall tiles, Nazi government coat hangers owned by Adolf Hitler, a handbag that belonged to Eva Braun for Dita Von Teese), drugs (cocaine and Vicodin) and the production of the film "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll". Next to this Manson collected taxidermy models of animals, including a California grizzly and two baboons, as well as the full skeleton of a 17th-century male in a wheelchair. Manson would also have used money from the band to purchase African masks made of human skin and the full skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl. Stephen Bier is seeking a compensatory of more than $20 million. Bier also says that in 2000, Manson forced the band to spend a substantial sum of money to pay a video production company to keep certain video footage out of an upcoming DVD about the band as this video footage showed Manson making racist statements and jokes about African-Americans while feeding his pet snake. And Bier is also pretty sure that Manson used band money to buy Von Teese's $150,000 engagement ring and to pay for the couple's 2005 wedding.Apparently at the time of the band's formation, when the group was still known as 'Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids', the founding members entered into a partnership agreement whereby all profits (and losses) from the group's album releases, tours and merch sales were shared in various proportions, with Manson getting the biggest chunk. Manson would have systematically forced the original bandmembers out, just to replace them with new musicians who did get another agreement. Fred Streithorst, Jr. (aka Sara Lee Lucas) was pestered out the band in 1995 after Manson doused his drum kit with butane during a concert, setting it on fire while Streithorst was still playing.Marilyn Manson CDs