Thursday, January 21, 2010


POSTED APRIL 14, 2010----- You lost the election! You lost in ur pathetic bid to deny poor people health care! You lost ur marbles and ur balls and now you lose ur seat in The Human Race!!! You lost the first Civil War. Now you pathetic Neanderthals are about to lose the second one!!! Only this time you will never be allowed to 'reconstruct' so you can continue to push ur hateful, false version of Christianity and repression on the rest of us freedom loving, sane Liberals! WE are the ONLY ones who can lead AmericKa back to the Land Of Hope And Glory! A land where all people are treated equal! Instead, you will all be tried for war crimes and HUNG!!! The music of Glenn Miller will fill the land as you SWING SWING SWING!!!!! Only then will you evil right wing shit turds be fully stopped from turning America into AmeriKKKa!!! A far right wing false Christian Bigot State!!! Put that up ur constipated, obstructionist anal canals along with a box of X Lax and wait for ur smelly RepubliKKKan dams to burst!!! I will just pull the toilet chain and flush you down to the sewer where you and all the other white albino alligator reptiles can eat shit and partay untill your non existantant hearts are content!!! Hey, you morons YOU LOST!!! So shut the fuck up!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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Location:The Gallows!!!

The RethugliKKKan Potty!!! Still Flushing The Same Old Shit!!!

Those evil, selfish, RepubliKKKans are at it again! Keeping poor people poor and making their crooked filthy rich suporters richer and richer! They have done every low down act of depravity possible to see to it that the poor are denied proper health care. And now that Ted Kennedy's senate seat has beem filled by a RepubliKKKan (They probably rigged the voting booths AGAIN!!!) it now appears that Health Care Reform is dead and then some! Weakened Obombma may still try to get pieces of it pushed through but a comprehensive reform bill will now be next to imossible. Unless we get lucky and a RepubliKKKan senator dies in a plane crash or gets caught with a cock up his anal canal! Our current Mr. Hope has become our current Mr. Dope! Playing footsies under the table with Big Business and trying to be 'fair' to the people who voted against him has backfired and destroyed alot of the confidance his supporters had for him! The trust has been broken and and now we are back to the same old song and dance!! Different asshole but the same old shit! We need someone in The Whitehouse to fight back at the RepubliKKKans!!! Someone to stand up to them and have NO MERCY!!! Unfortunately that person IS NOT Obombma!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!! By Jayne County

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