Wednesday, October 24, 2007


WAR! The Ultimate Abortion. The Real Culture Of Death. Vote for *right to life* in AmeriKa but kill a man*s pregnant wife in Iraq! Did anyone ever stop to think that when men, women and children are killed in war, that it also includes PREGNANT women as well? Killing an unborn fetus! What hypocrites these Masters Of War are! *In AmeriKa, they vote for the *right to life* but in Irag, they just killed another man*s pregnant wife!* All through history, soldiers have killed pregnant women. No one stops to ask first, *Oh before I drop this bomb or throw this spear, should I make sure that none of the women are pregnant?* They just drop the bomb, throw the spear or grenade and where it lands is where it lands! Pregnant women and all! In the Book Of Genesis, when the Lord supposedly commanded Joshua to go into the land of the Caananites and kill every man, woman and child* that also included, pregnant women. (God told me to kill you!) So how sickening are these so called *Christians* who claim to be following Orders From God by demanding that women should have no controll over their own bodies and that abortion is such an evil deed! Hey, God Himself commanded the genocide of whole cities! And no, God did not say, *And oh, try not to kill any unborn fetuses!!!* Right To Life Christians are the ultimate hypocrites, and war my friends is the ultimate abortion! The REAL *Culture Of Death! by Jayne County

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan and hooligan asshole, Kid Rock was recently arrested in Hot Lanta! Too bad they didn*t tar and feather him and run him out of town on a rail!!! After supporting King George and The RepubliKKKan Party*s attempts to drag AmeriKa back into the stone ages, this mentally retarded piece of donkey crap dares to inflict his no talent music on the rest of us sane and rational people! And boo on Rolling Stone Rag for putting this asshole on their cover. My cat loves to crap on this cover and knows a good shit hole when she sees it!!! SHAME ON ROLLING STONE for supporting FASCIST PIGS!!!!!!!!! Written by Jayne County