Saturday, September 15, 2007

MODERATE FASCISTS! The DemocratSS fail to deliver. John Edwards, just another redneck milder version of the KKK!

Moderate Fascists in left wing clothing. The DemocraSS are useless standing up to King George. They are two faced and speak with a forked tounge!!! We are sadly disappointed with their recent actions. Ron Paul pretends to be something he is not. Sure he is against King George and wants us out of Iraq pronto, but if you dig you will find that he is against women controlling their own bodies and he is an ardent homophobe. A born again Christian Psycho!!! Another tyrant that wants to use God as an excuse to propehcy against his fellow man. Homophobe John Edwards has come out AGAINST Gay Marriage. Evidently thinking that not ALL AmeriKans are equal!!! Shame on you!! Both John Edwards and Ron Paul (RepubliKKKan anyway!) can stick it where the sun don*t shine! RRARL.