Monday, August 6, 2007

SHAME ON THE DemocratSS!! I withdraw ALL support!

Well, that is fucking it!! I am soooooo fucking upset and angry that I could shit a guided missle straight at the White House! The fucking Democrats have stabbed us in the back! They voted to support King George Bush in his crusade to spy on Americans. They even had the nerve to give him more than he even asked for. The Dems sat there on their shitty asses and allowed themselves to be strongarmed into supporting one of the worst laws to ever be made in AmeriKKKa! I am removing all my pro Dem. pr off of ALL my blogs and My Spaces! I am WITHDRAWING from the Democratic Party and NEVER VOTING FOR THEM AGAIN! From now on I will not pussy foot around like they shamefully do! I AM VOTING SOCIALIST! Both the RepubliKKKans AND the DemocratSS CAN GO TO HELL!!! I hope the RepubliKKKans do get in again so we can have a fucking REVOLUTION in this country and send then all to the GALLOWS! HANG THEM ALL!!! We need another CIVIL WAR, and I am willing to lead the charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change will come to this country one way or another!!! And WITHOUT the fucking RepubliKKKans OR the lousy, shameful, cowardly DemocratSS!! Sincerely, Jayne County (Rock and Roll Revolutionary and fucking PROUD of it!!! DemocratSS you backstabbing BASTARDS!!!!!!!