Sunday, November 30, 2008


LOL!!! I just gotta laugh!!! Will anyone EVER get the Warhol thing right? I mean how can a group of art and film school amateurs get something sooooooooooooooooo WRONG??? I mean the Docu is enjoyable but it is full is just plain CRAP!!! Alot of the things they were saying were just plain out LIES! And made up stories by drunken old alcoholics and brain dead druggies!!!LOL LOL LOL!!! The world truly is a CIRCUS and the WARHOL CIRCUS was the biggest FANTASY of them all. (Shit my spelling is getting worse!!!) A perfect example of right wing CAPITALISM MEETS DECADANT WEIMAR REPUBLIKKK ARTISTS WANNABEES GONE BESERK!!! Wow! How did I come up with that one??? So, this must be the RIGHT WING version huh??? He He!!! The film reeks of *Let*s make even MORE money off this group of desperate circus freaks!* Like a FELINI (Spelling???) movie, on 16 RPM (Get someone older to explain that to you!!!) it crawls, spits and drowns in its on piss. So much SHIT spews forth from this ASSHOLE of a film, that not all the Sears catalogs in the world, could wipe up the mess! I mean, the OUTSIDE TOILET IS FULL! The MOUNTAIN OF HOLY SHIT IS CRAWLIN WIT FLIES AND MAGGOTS! Making money off the freaks and still NOT GIVING THE FREAKS ANY CREDIT OR MONEY FOR THEIR TIME, ENERGY AND HUMILIATION IS NUMBER ONE ON THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF *SCREW YOU!!!* Sure, your movie has played all over the world constantly and it*s being rented out on DVD*s and I got a house I just sold for FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS, but I payed you 100 measly dollars in 19 Sixty Shit Fire And Save Matches, so SCREW YOU JUNKY TRASH!!! I mean, isn*t that the way all RIGHT WING, SELF LOATHING, UNCLE TOM, LOG CABIN REPUBLIKKKAN COCKSUCKERS ACT??? Of course it is. YOU ALL KNOW THAT!!!!!! And we all, as freaks or artists or whatever, have experienced this kind of treatment from these money grubbing, capatilistic pig bastards!!!!!!!! We are artists. We have the gift. They are capitalists. They have the power. The power to make or break you. The power to crush you like a roach! It dosn*t matter that the makers of this film DO NOT KNOW THEIR HISTORY. And that, they got facts wrong and coasted along on the drug addicted fantacies of THE UNDEAD! What matters is that they had the money to make this sadly lacking excuse for a docu and therefore they had the power to FUCK IT UP!!! PRODUCE. PRODUCE A PRODUCT. PRODUCE A PRODUCT THAT IS FLAWED. PRODUCE A PRODUCT THAT IS FLAWED AND MISLEADING AND AN INSULT TO ALL THE FREAKS AND ARTISTS BOTH DEAD AND ALIVE. Even if they don*t realize it. YOU HAVE ONCE AGAIN BEEN USED, ABUSED AND DISCARDED! And once again, SOMEONE has ran off with all the MONEY leaving YOU=============UP SHIT CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE!!! Yep! It*s once again, SCREW YOU CIRCUS FREAKS AND THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!! And in the immortal words of one of the greatest artist to ever be alive, JOHNNY THUNDERS (They probably don*t even know who he is!! Idiots!) *YOU CAN*T PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND A MEMORY!!!* No, Johnny, my angel darling! You cannot! And neither can your memories put a roof over your head, put food into your belly (OF THE BEAST!) and give you the dignity and credit that all artist deserve in this world of cut throat money grubbing selfish fascist bastards! YOU are an ARTIST! Your work and memories are being STOLEN from you and YOU are not being given the MONEY you need to even continue your ART OF ============= THE HUMAN SOUL AND ABUSED FLESHLY BODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people make a movie like this, they are NAILING YOUR ART TO A CROSS OF MAXED OUT CREDIT CARDS, UNPAID DOCTOR BILLS AND CLOGGED UP TOILETS OF USED CONDOMS!!! They strip our art down to GREED AND LUST. They are VAMPIRES AND LEECHES!!! (And not even cute ones at that!) Show me the way to the next starving artist! OH YOU KNOW WHY! OH YOU KNOW WHY!!! FOR IF WE CAN*T FIND THE NEXT STARVING ARTIST, I TELL YOU WE MUST DIE. I TELL YOU WE MUST DIE!!! I TELL YOU. I TELL YOU. I TELL YOU. WE MUST DIE! OH MOON OF ALABAMA ONE DAY MAYBY I WILL HAVE ALL THE MONEY THEN I TOO CAN BECOME A LEECH AND MAKE MONEY OFF THE NEXT LITTLE STARVIN ARTIST! THE NEXT LITTLE DOLLAR! THE NEXT LITTLE EURO!!! STEP RIGHT UP! FOR ONE TENTH OF A DOLLAR YOU CAN WATCH ME PIMP OFF MY ART LIKE A BITCH PROSTITUTE ON THE STREET OF STOLEN DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE PIMP RUNS OFF WITH THE MONEY AND BUYS A HOUSE IN FRANCE AND THE ARTIST IS THROWN INTO A DEN OF JACK THE RIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, my dear friends, artists and freaks. Miss Jayne County says to you.GUARD YOUR ART YOUR HEART AND YOUR MEMORIES!!!! fOR THERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL SELL YOUR SOUL FOR PISS IN A POT!!! Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY

Sunday, September 28, 2008


That*s right. All of the above are true! The woman is an Uncle Tom and supports Nazi Bastard, John McCain who supports NOT giving women equal treatment under the law. McCain believes a woman should get less money than a man doing the same job! Now that is enough to make any sane thinking human being vomit!!! Sarah Palin, you are a self loathing psycho who wets her own bed to stay warm at night! Dumb, stupid, and disgusting beyond belief. And you are a liar. You lie every time you open that pig like snout of yours regardless of what coloure of lipstick you are wearing! Even the greasy orange shade that makes you look like you just gave little Johnny Boy a blow job behing the convention screen at the RepubliKKKan Convention. Wow, the Nurenburg Rallies will never be the same! And all that animal murdering! Shooting baby wolves as they try to suckle their dead mothers, that have been shot and killed by you and your Nazi Animal Death Squads!!! You make me ashamed to be human!!! And you do it all in the name of GOD! Well, your sick twisted version of what you so sickenly think of as GOD anyway. If this is what GOD is like, then both GOD and you should be skined alive and have your pathetic heads mantled on some KKK members fireplace! You are not a Christian. You are a FALSE PROPHET who should be driven out of the Temple on a rail! You make a mockery of Christ*s name and if there is a HELL then it is YOU who are going to BURN!!! Hmmmm. I wonder how long you could get your SUV to run, on all the smelly grease that would run out of your sorry behind when you BURN WITCH BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and now we hear that you had an affair with another man while married to your closet Gay husband! Wow, how Christian!!! And your daughter! Yes the one that has gone against your own Christian teachings and commited a SIN according to the very Bible you so thump!!! Being pregnant out of wedlock which the Bible says is a sin that is to be punished by having her STONED TO DEATH!!! Oh I guess you just skip over that part and go right to the ones that say Gays should all be burned at the stake and castrated! Oh you are such a Christian woman!!! Picking and choosing which Old Testament laws you will follow while pointing your ratty little butt picking finger at everyone else!!! Wow, Pat Robertson and glad to be dead, Jerry Farwell would be so proud of you! But I doubt very seriously Sarah, that GOD will be pleased by you using his name to promote hate and bigotry! After all, Christ came to transform the Old Law into a New Law of LOVE. I guess you prefer to skip over all that liberal, hippy, Sermon On Mount, love crap and get to the Matthew 24 bits about doom, distruction, war, desease and death! Right up you alley since you say that the Iraq War is *God*s will!* Be careful little Christian girl. Speaking for God will get you in ALOT of trouble!!! You are about as Christian as Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini! You say you are on God*s side! There you go again, Mary Had A Little Lamb!!! LYING LYING LYING!!!! If you are on anyone*s side at all it would be Satan*s, because He is the Great Deceiver and you are a HARLOT DAUGHTER OF BABYLON!!! Belonging to the RepubliKKKan Party which is just another arm of Mighty Babylon! Ruled by the Protestant Churches which came out of the Great Whore Church. Arch deceiver and murderer of men, women, children and pregnant women! Yes, even the unborn!!! All in the name of your false, twisted, psycho GOD!!! A false God that suits, your bigoted, outdated, disgusting belief system that seeks to deny justice for millions of AmeriKans by keeping them ignorant, uneducated and POOR! You, Sarah Palin, and all the other bigoted RepubliKKKan Fascist Pigs in Bright Orange Lipstick, are the very reason that America is in the awful shape it is today! YOU DID IT!!! AND what*s more, all the other idiots that voted you sick pigs into power are also responsible!!! I DESPISE what you have done to MY country! Hold your ugly heads down in SHAME and ask the American People to forgive you for your LYING, WAR MONGERING, MONEY GRUBBING, EVIL, BIGOTED WAYS!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! written by JAYNE COUNTY

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Richard Dawkins is Oxford's Professor of Public Understanding of Science. He is the author of The Blind Watchmaker (on which this article is partly based) and Climbing Mount Improbable. He is a Senior Editor of Free Inquiry.
Much of what people do is done in the name of God. Irishmen blow each other up in his name. Arabs blow themselves up in his name. Imams and ayatollahs oppress women in his name. Celibate popes and priests mess up people's sex lives in his name. Jewish shohets cut live animals' throats in his name. The achievements of religion in past history -- bloody crusades, torturing inquisitions, mass-murdering conquistadors, culture-destroying missionaries, legally enforced resistance to each new piece of scientific truth until the last possible moment -- are even more impressive. And what has it all been in aid of? I believe it is becoming increasingly clear that the answer is absolutely nothing at all. There is no reason for believing that any sort of gods exist and quite good reason for believing that they do not exist and never have. It has all been a gigantic waste of time and a waste of life. It would be a joke of cosmic proportions if it weren't so tragic.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Homophobe Donna Summer On AmeriKan Idol
EXCUSE ME WHILE I VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if this joke of a show coudn*t get any worse! Let*s let this nasty bitch stomp around on white Wonder Bread. And it was sooooooooooooooo long ago! God sent AIDS to GAYS as a punishment! (Said Ms. Summer.) Now he has sent Donna Summer to AmeriKan Idol as a reminder that he still hates Gays! That just goes to show you what complete SHIT AmeriKan Idol is! White Wonder Bread cloggs up your colon and and eventually gives you stomach cancer. Like the anti Gay cancer that so called religious psychos inflict on us sane thinking people, AmeriKan Idol is, a SICKENING display of everything wrong with AmeriKa. Please quick! Someone pass me an empty container of SPAM.I gotta VOMIT angain!!! Jayne County

Thursday, April 10, 2008

IS THIS POPE A FASCIST?? And Is The Catholic Church An Anti Semetic, Fascist Organization???

Troughout its history, the Holy
Roman Empire has been dominated
mainly by Germany and
the Vatican. Its most popular political
leader was Charlemagne, who was
crowned emperor in a.d. 800. Today,
some European leaders believe it will
take another Charlemagne for the European
Union to finally take off as a world
power.Europe is moving very fast toward crowning this new
Charlemagne—yet this trend is not getting the headlines it
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Knesset address on
March 18 was, I believe, the most significant speech made
by any German leader since World War ii. In speaking
about the German atrocities committed against the Jews
during the war, she made a statement that some people
have been waiting to hear for over 60 years. In an apology
to her Israeli audience, Merkel said, “The mass murder
of 6 million Jews, carried out in the name of Germany,
has brought indescribable suffering to the Jewish people,
Europe and the entire world.” She said Germans were
“filled with shame” over the Nazi Holocaust.
While in Israel, Merkel also visited Yad Vashem—Israel’s
Holocaust museum. As it happens, I visited the same
museum a month earlier. It was a stirring, emotionally
draining experience.
The day after the German chancellor’s speech in the
Knesset, Manfred Gerstenfeld wrote a column for the
Jerusalem Post titled, “What Angela Merkel couldn’t say
out loud.” He wrote, “Few in Israel realize that a majority of
Germans probably disagree with several key statements she
made here about her country’s past—including the mention
of shame and guilt.”
He brings up a good point. It’s one thing for Merkel to
apologize on behalf of the German people for their sins
during World War ii, but are the German people truly
Either way, I believe it was courageous for Angela Merkel
to even make such a statement—even more so if it doesn’t
accurately reflect German sentiment. In that case, the apology
may end up hurting her political career. But isn’t that a
hallmark of great leadership—leading your people the right
way regardless of the political consequences?
The Vatican’s Stance
Angela Merkel’s speech was full of statements we might
expect from a religious leader. Why, then, has the German
Pope Benedict refused to issue a similar apology? If you
have been following the pope’s speeches and interviews,
you will know that his best-known comments are those that
have criticized other groups—especially religions.
The pope recently quoted a Byzantine emperor who
said that anything new Mohammed had contributed was
evil and inhumane. He said the Islamic movement had
converted people to its faith by the sword. Both comments
triggered an outcry of protest from the world of Islam.
The pope has also been openly critical of Protestants,
wondering how they could even have the title of “church”
attributed to them.
He has removed restrictions on the use of the Latin
Mass, which includes a call for the Jews to be converted to
Catholicism. Recently, he revised the “Good Friday Prayer
for the Jews” to read: “Let us also pray for the Jews: That
our God and Lord may illuminate their hearts, that they
acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all men.”
These alterations have angered many Jews.
Notice what Jason Burke wrote in the Observer last
year: “The pope also sparked bewilderment when he
made no mention of anti-Semitism, or the fact that the
Nazis killed millions of people because they were Jewish,
in a speech last year at Auschwitz. He also failed to
acknowledge that there might be some degree of collective
responsibility of the German people” (July 8, 2007).
It’s astounding to me that a German pope—speaking at
Auschwitz, of all places—could not come up with somethingsimilar to the comments made by Angela Merkel. I believe
because, like many Germans,
Pope Benedict xvi disagrees with many of the key statements
Merkel made—including the mention of shame and guilt.
Gerstenfeld continued in his Jerusalem Post column, “In
contemporary Germany there are significant expressions
of anti-Semitism and racism. … At the same time, there are
efforts in Germany to rewrite the past. Books by historian
Jrg Friedrich, who compares the Allied actions to his
nation’s atrocities during the war, are bestsellers.”
That message—that the Allies were just as guilty as Germany
was—is popular
among Germans! Gerstenfeld
“They promise Holocaust
equivalents by
using Nazi semantics
to describe the Allied
bombings of Germany
during World War ii.”
Rewriting history
in order to glorify, or
at least excuse, Nazi
atrocities is obscene
Margaret Thatcher,
the former prime minister
of Britain, once
said that the problem
with Europe today
is that it has been
anchored to Germany,
instead of the other
way around. Germany
is calling the shots—
and that could be a
real problem when
you consider that it
started two world
wars that killed some 50 million people.
How concerned should we be about what’s going on in
Europe? As I said, I think Angela Merkel’s address in the
Knesset was a moment of greatness for herThe Pope’s Standoff With Islam
Another recent development in the Vatican highlights the
escalating tension between Catholicism and Islam. At his
Easter vigil service on March 22, Pope Benedict baptized
Magdi Allam—a former Muslim. Allam is a deputy editor
of one of Italy’s most powerful newspapers, and he’s also a
bestselling author.
Stratfor wrote this about the much-publicized baptism:
“Allam is an Egyptian-born convert from Islam to Christianity,
and is a prominent outspoken critic of radical
Islamism” (March 24). The timing of the baptism was especially
significant, as Stratfor went on to point out: “Only
days before, on March 19, an Internet posting of an audio
message purporting to be from al Qaeda leader Osama bin
Laden accused the pope specifically of fomenting a ‘new
Crusade’ against Islam.” Stratfor continued,
“In attempting to galvanize and energize 1 billion Catholics,
Benedict might also further alienate 1 billion Muslims.”
A superpower is rising in Europe. It will soon impact this
world and shed blood as no church-state combine ever has.
Stratfor wrote, “[I]t could very well move the Vatican
onto center stage in radical Islamism’s conflict with the
West. And that can have profound geopolitical implications.”

A German pope—speaking at Auschwitz, of all
places—could not come up with something
similar to the comments made by Angela Merkel the current German leader!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Advice To The DemocratSS

Tell Bill Clinton to keep his big fat mouth shut! Everytime he opens it, Hilary*s ratings go DOWN!!! Stop being the milder version of the RepubliKKKan party! You should know better than that! You already ruined the anti war movement, what do you want to do now, ruin all hope of Amerika ever becoming a country where TRUE freedom rings! Money may make the world go round but it makes you look like a bunch of Capitalist Pig Scumbags!!! What are you trying to do? Turn me into a fucking Communist??? Stop comparing Obama to JFK! What the HELL are ya tring to do? Get him shot??? Send that back stabbing traitor, Joseph Lieberman, to the gallows! What an asshole! He and Zell Miller of Ga. are being payed by the RepubliKKKan Party to fuck the DemocratSS royally! They both should LEAVE the Democratic Party and join with their fellow RepubliKKKans to force their twisted, war mongering brand of Theocracy on the rest of the world. They are both PSYCHOS!!! Everything but a granny wig and a violent knife stabbing in a cheap motel shower!!! Socialize the entire medical INDUSTRY. That* right. It*s an industry! They don*t give a shit about taking care of America*s health issues. In fact, the drug companies and the entire health system want us all to be sick so they can suck every nickle and dime out of our last dying breath!!! They put poisons in our food and chemicals in our drinks to make us gain more weight and give us heart deseases ON PURPOSE!!! Do you really think that they don*t know that the shit they put in diet Pepsi gives us brain tumors?? Get real! They do! Look at all the money they make on giving us Cancer!! They don*t want us to be healthy. In fact, they suppress any info on how to prevent us from getting deseases! If we are not sick then they are all out of a job! So KEEP AMERIKANS SICK AND SUPPORT THE FOOD AND DRUG INDUSTRY!!! John MaCain is saying that we are winning in Iraq! OK then, if we won, then we are finished! We did our job. Now let*s get the fuck out and let the people of Iraq run their own country. AmeriKa is already responsible for more deaths than Saddam Who Sane! I wonder when someone is going to arrest King George and degrade and humiliate him for murdering hundreds of thousands of people including more AmeriKans than died in the World Trade Centre! MURDER IS MURDER. YOUR IDEOLOGY DOSNT MAKE YOU ANY BETTER THAN ANY OTHER DICTATOR. The DemocratSS will not bring any real change to AmeriKa. In fact, they may even make the situation even WORSE!!! We need a REAL CHANGE. A complete REVOLUTION! We need to start all over again! You can*t fool the Children Of The Revolution!!! You reap what you sow and AmeriKa has sewn the seeds of WAR and INJUSTICE. Those that live by the sword (Guns and missles.) shall die by the sword!!! The Roman Empire fell and so will the AmeriKan Empire fall! Come see! Come see! BABYLON THE GREAT HAS FALLEN!!! Written by Jayne County

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I don*t hate RepubliKKKans as people! It*s the SIN of commiting disgusting RepubliKKKan acts of ignorance and stupidity that I hate! If we could send them to hospitals to turn them into Liberals, I think the world would be a better and safer place! God also doesn*t hate RepubliKKKans. But he hates their Republikkkan SINS! Their contempt for the poor, higher education and science are just a few of their multitude of SINS! But RepubliKKKans can change! If they confess their nasty, narrow minded SINS and repent of their disgusting acts of bigotry and purge their poor wilted hearts and brains, then they could wash away their SINS and become turthful, understanding, intelligent Liberals! OH HAPPY DAY! WHEN AN OPEN MIND, WASHED THEIR SINS AWAY!!! Then they will no longer be RepubliKKKans ! Yes, they will be changed in spirit and mind! They will no longer want to sneak off to toilets to have sex with other men or pass repressive laws against Gay People! They will no longer keep women in the chains of slavery by taking away their rights to own their own bodies!!! They will no longer have to hide behind their marriages and children! In the Bible, God destroyed the city of SODOM because the people were RepubliKKKans! They ate their own children and had sex with snakes!!! But now that God has sent us Obama, the sins of the RepubliKKKans can be washed away! Now the RepubiKKKans too, will be able to walk on water and join the angels in Heaven! Then the SINS OF THE REPUBLIKKKANS can be washed away forever!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!! By Jayne County

Sunday, January 6, 2008

RUSH THE MAGIC CRACKHEAD (New Jayne County song and slideshow.) Music by Jasten King.


The DemocratSS To Pass New Laws To Force Everyone To Be Gay!!! (Then Gay Won*t Be Kool Anymore!)

Are The DemocratSS Any Better Than The RepubliKKKans? Pt. 1.
OK OK!!! I know! I usually go a bit easier on our *moderate fascist* friends, The DemocratSS. But I am really fed up with them as I don*t think they fight back enough. Or that they are THAT different when considering the ENTIRE PICTURE! On some details mayby, yes, but taking in the whole picture including the FRAME AND outside of the FRAME, they usually fall within the *same old shit but with less danger * (?) category. Whatever happens, I still do think that they are the *lesser of the same EVIL!!!!* So it looks as though, whoever we vote for, we are still going to have a government!!! Mayby we should feel lucky that they won*t put us in concentration camps or burn us at the stake!???! Oh THANK YOU ISIS!!!!!! After hearing cutie pie, and Ann Coulter fave, John Edwards say *I do NOT believe in Gay Marriage.* My friend said that as far as she was concerned, John Edwards was just another redneck with a less harsher version of the KKK! You know, get to the back of the bus, thing. Don*t hurt those poor Gays unless they start to get all uppity and want to be treated equal to us better than all the rest, WHITE SOUTHERN STRAIGHT BOYS!!! The same old, *let them walk, but make them put their heads down* thing. I grew up in the south and let me tell you, I have had FIRST HAND dealings with this kind of shit! My neighbors were in the KKK, when I was 10! So, the Dems may not be as bad as our darling RepubliKKKan Rough Trade, but they are far from being FANTABULOUS MY DARLINGS!!! So the question is, should we be thankful to the DEMS for not being AS SHITTY AND NASTY as our REPUBLIKKKAN MASTERS!!!??? Oh dear! Shiney boots of leather!!! END OF PART 1. PART 2. TO FOLLOW SOON. Written by Jayne County (Please excuse my bad spelling and grammar. I am a GENDER TERRORIST, NOT A FUCKING ENGLISH TEACHER!!! LOL!)


FRED THOMPSON - You can*t even act even with a decent script, how the HELL you gonna run (Ruin!) the damn country???????? You should have given up when your High School math teacher told you to go work at McDonalds! JOHN MACAIN - The Vietnam War is over you asshole, AND we lost!!!!!! Shut the fuck up!!! MIKE FUCKAMEE - You were probably cute when you were 19 and I may have even picked you up in a Trannie bar at one time, but all the JESUS shit is pure crap! The worst thing about the BABTISTS is, that they don*t hold them under the water long enough! RON PAUL - Yes Ron my love, I know you want us out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY, but how long should witches, pagans and homosexuals be tied to the stake before setting fire to it??? MAYOR 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/119/ . Now what was his name again??? Oh yeah New York Mayor 9/11! Hey MARY you look better in drag! Why don*t you have a sex change and marry the POPE??? Then you can both do the MUSSILINI all the way to ROME! Or will you both be having din din at Larry Craig*s house??? Mayby he can give you some lessons in TAP DANCING??? MITT ROMNEY - Oh shithook, it*s bad enough having a Catholic or Babtist running!!! Do we really need some religious extremist PSHCHO who believes that some ancestor of Donny Osmond found the rest of the BIBLE hidden under a rock??? And that Native Americans are the Lost Tribes Of Israel??? Or that we all came from MARS??? What a nutjob! Mayby you can team up with Tom Cruise and set us all straight with God and with our future UFO Alien Invader Saviours!!! WHO ELSE IS RUNNING ON THE REPUBLIKKKAN SIDE? OH WHO FUCKING CARES??????? THEY ALL NEED TO BE SPANKED, PUT ON MEDICATION AND FORCED TO HAVE SEX WITH ANN COULTER WHILE ON SUGAR CUBE LSD!!! by Jayne County PS. Don*t worry, I will get around to the DemocratSS soon enough!!!