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Go here!!! It is WRONG to lock people up for drugs!!! x Jayne County RELEASE

THE POPE DECLARES WAR ON *SATANISTS.* (Anyone who is not a Christian or who is of another religion!)

COMMENT BY JAYNE COUNTY --- This Pope is one sick motherfucker!!! A real NAZI SCUM BAG!!! Read Bulletin

Friday, December 28, 2007


That*s the question quite a few people in Washington are asking these days! It has been reported that our brave great leader has a HUGE DONKEY HOTDOG!!! * Hmmmmmmmmm* exclaimed Hilary Clinton, *Now that*s another ball game! You know I lost alot of weight and now Bill just can*t get it up for me anymore!* Pentecostal God Hustler, Ted Haggart was overheard at a Boy Scout*s meeting in Closetville, Alabama as saying, *I knowed that there was a devine reason that I am a RepubliKKKan and celebrated Bush Ass Licker!* And even though God has now changed me back from being a fag to a completely straight man, I still have to admit, that IF I WERE STILL GAY, honey I would be SUCH A SIZE QUEEN!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!* Reverand Haggart went on, *Of course I would have to have sex with our Great Leader, Biblical style! Just like in the Old Testament! Mr. Bush would have to lie naked under a sheepskin with just his HUGE DONKEY HOTDOG sticking out a hole in the middle of the sheet or sheepskin! Then I would SWOOP upon his MEGA MARBLE like the AmeriKan eagle swooping on a crippled chicken!!! But that is only IF I were Gay!!!* RepubliKKKan Senator and closet case, toilet sex cruiser Larry Craig got really excited and actually did a wee wee in his diapers! *What toilet does Mr. Bush use in Washington? I gotta get a LOAD of this!!!* Mr. Craig giggled like a 16 year old High School girl. *Gee, Mr. Bush* he exclaimed, very Judy Garland like, *I want to tap dance for you in your toilet stall untill my mouth turns inside OUT!* Some Democrats in Washington have expressed interest in seeing Mr. Bush*s HUGE OSCAR MEYER, but only for educational purposes. Hilary Clinton was intervewed by top RepubliKKKan magazine, 'US Fascist News Report' as saying, *It is evident that George Bush mislead the entire country in stating that his DONKEY HOTDOG was NOT a weapon of mass destruction!* Now that we know that he lied to the Amerikan poeple, I say impeach him!* Ms. Clinton went on to say, *Drag him out of the Whitehouse, strip him naked and tie him to a maypole in the middle of Capitol Hill and force him to listen to the Paris Hilton CD! Let the AmeriKan people see for themselves! And with all this new evidence, we could once again ask the question WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH GEORGE BUSH???* Reported by Sean Chunky Cheeks from the article that appeared in Democrats For Bush, entitled *Democrats For George*s Bush.*


That*s right! According to 'Satanic News A Go Go,' Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan Gene Simmons has given birth to Satan*s baby, OUT HIS BUTTHOLE!!! *Wow, what an asshole!* exclaimed head nurse, Zelda Goldensnickle, at Rich Rock Star Capitalist Pig Hospital, in Honolulu. Reportedly it was a very painful and long delivery! Gene cried out in gleeful pain as the Doctors*s stuck a cement mixer up his ass to help pull the baby out . The nasty critter had bat*s wings and horns on it*s head and a tripple headed full hard on ! * What an asshole and what a baby!!! It was both horrifying and awesome.* said Doctor Buckeye Whips. *I had to really dig in up there and break up alot of frozen poop. Evidently, Satan*s baby is just like his father. (Mother!?!) He likes the smell of his own bullshit!* Mia Farrow was there to witness the entire event. *This is a happy day in HELL and wow, WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!* (Reported by George Getontopofus for The Republikkkan magazine, 'US Fascist News And World Report.'


Here is a letter I wrote in the comment section of Op Ed News. All these left leaning people are coming out for Ron Paul, and here is my opinion! Well a question actually!
Jayne County
Well, what I want to know is, will Ron Paul respect EVERYONE*S rights including my rights as a Transgender American??? Will I be able to change my passport sex from BLANK to SHE? Will I be allowed to marry the man of my dreams? Will I be allowed to serve in the Army and trot around the base looking like I just steped out of an old 40*s Andrews Sisters film? (A little chuckle is called for here!) But seriously, I have to be concerned for all my GLBT brothers and sisters. I fought in the Stonewall Riots and marched for Women*s Lib and against the Vietnam War. I fought in the 60*s for EVERYONE*S rights, and here I am just turning 60 and I myself still do not have my full rights! Does Ron Paul care about people *like me?* I my friends am also one of WE THE PEOPLE! I pay taxes but do not have full rights! That is Taxation Without Representation, and I believe that was one of the major reasons for the *first* American Revolution! Sexual and Gender deversity is as important as cultural! Why? Because we are! We exist! We have for THOUSANDS of years. In Babylon, Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome and NOW!!! You could try to kill us, or put us in concentration camps as others have tried, but isn*t it time for people to realize that Transgender people like myself as well as all GLBT people, deserve to be treated as human beings? I worry about Ron Paul*s attitude toward people of deverse sexuality and gender. What I am totally against, is religious people using God and The Bible as an excuse to promote bigotry against me! Being Scotch/Irish and having Cherokee Indian on all sides of my family, I have studied the evil treatment that our Native Americans had fostered on them by white Europeans, all in the name of GOD! (*And I will drive out the Cannanites from your land.*) It was all done cause we as a nation had *God On Our Side.* (Thank you Bob Dylan.) And I have also studied how people once used God and The Bible to promote slavery. Now I hear the same things toward peoople like me! All the Bible verses and twisted interpertations that call for my *stoning to death.* Will Ron Paul defend my rights from those who want to persecute and destroy me? Or will he just ignore me? Or mayby just close his eyes and wish that I would go away, like alot of people do! But when you open your eyes from all the wishing, and come back to reality, there I am! STILL THERE and waiting for my rights! Will Ron Paul be MY president as well? Or will he simple stand by and watch people use God and the Bible to treat me like a third class citizen or even worse! Mayby a good lynching would be in order! Will I have to MOVE to Amsterdam, London, Canada, or Spain etc to have my rights as a Transgender person?? Or will Ron Paul give me my freedom and let me cross over the Jordan river with everyone else? Do tell me. Do tell me Ron Paul! What do you have in store for me? Freedom, or slavery? Will you listen to the voices of FREEDOM, or to the twisted, religious, fundamentalist cries of *STONE HER TO DEATH!?* Sincerely, Jayne County (Please excuse any bad spelling or grammar.) P. S. Could you please inform me pretty soon? I need to know how many items I can pack in my bag when the time comes for me and my kind to FLEE INTO THE WILDERNESS! I already have my copy of Lotte Lenya singing Kurt Weill and Bert Brecht! Funny. They too had to flee, when their government turned on them!!! Oh, will the lessons of the Weimar Republic ever be learned?
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007



favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.
of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant: a liberal attitude toward foreigners.
open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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