Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Now even many RepubliKKKans are finally waking up to the truth that King George and his Gestapo murderers are DESTROYING America. They have replaced this once proud, free, country with AmeriKKKa! A right wing FASCIST STATE! And I am wondering if the namby pamby DemoBrats have the right stuff to get these RepubliKKKan bastards out of the White House, once in for all!!! I always vote Democrat but lately I am for the first time in many years having second thoughts! So what could happen IF I do not vote Democrat this time? I once thought that by not voting Democrat, I was voting for the RepubliKKKans because no one else but the DEMS have a chance in high HELL of beating the ReTHUGlikans! But now I don*t know! Hilary Clinton has become a moderate RepubliKKKan, and she has her split tounge so far up their asses that I wonder if those rumours that she studied Marxism in her college years are actually true. Cause if you ask me we could use some of Kark Marx*s ideas in this country now! Get back to your Marxist roots Hilary! GET BACK LORETTA!!! And John Edwards, bless his pretty little heart is a dreamboat but I just ain*t so sure he has the power to stand up to the AmeriKan Fascist Neo Cons that are destroying the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights in this country. And Obama! Who knows? He has at times sounded too much like a war mongerer himself! Leaving the option on the table to bomb Iran, just dosn*t get me in much of a mood to vote for him! And the fact that the DemoBrats have made no attempt to IMPEACH the BASTARDS, absloutely infuriates me!!!! So now I am thinking like this: *Why vote for either ?Because if the DemoBrats cannot step up to the plate, and fight like HELL then the RepubliKKKans win anyway! I mean, why vote for the EVIL Republikkkans OR the powerless DEMS? If the RepubliKKKans get in again, mayby it would freak out so many people that we could have some sort of SECOND AMERIKAN CIVIL WAR! It*s like buying two different flavors of Kool Aid! And there is no Purple Haze in either!!! What drag man. I mean, a real bummer! Hey, they both bring me down! Mayby we need a new *Let*s Drop Out* movement! Fuckum all!!! Just let them all destroy each other! That is how pissed off I am at the DEMS and totally disgusted I am at the Republikkkans! So then it dosn*t matter whether I vote for the DEMS or the cockroaches! Everything will still be fucked up! So I am thinking of saying *FUCK YOU* to both of the parties by voting for someone who is more in my line of thinking anyway! Who knows? If enough people like me get pissed off at both parties then mayby they will do the same thing! Vote Socialist or Communist just as an act of rebellion! OR mayby vote for Ron Paul or one of the really *far left wing* DEMS. ISIS, I wish we could have a full scale REVOLUTION and completely start over from the ground up!! At any rate, *YOU CAN*T FOOL THE CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION!* Written by Jayne County PS. PLEASE excuse any misspellings!!!!! I often write late at night just before going to bed after a few glasses of red wine! So good night friends, and don*t let the Fascists bite!!!