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PRINCE IS A HATEFUL BIGOT! Jehovah's Witnesses And Homosexuality - ULC Seminary Forum Home

PRINCE IS A BIGOTED HATEFUL MORON!!! Jehovah's Witnesses And Homosexuality - ULC Seminary Forum Home"The Jehovah's Witness religion teaches its membership to believe that homosexuality is 'detestable', 'an abomination', 'abhorrent', and is caused by demon possession. Because of this, thousands of gay Witnesses are living lives of deeply closeted guilt, and fear of destruction by God. Those who choose to leave, or are expelled from the Witnesses face immediate isolation and shunning from family and friends. It is for this reason that A Common Bond was created - to offer support and comfort to those who once thought they were alone and condemned." Moon commented: "Gays and lesbians who have been kicked out of the JWs are in a special need for all the emotional and spiritual support they can get. If JWs don't conform completely to the sect's doctrines and practices, including a strict prohibition against merely being gay, they are disfellowshipped,' which is a severe punishment. It amounts to total ostracism." If detected, gays and lesbians who refuse to remain celibate are disfellowshipped. Under those conditions, fellow members are required to shun him/her completely, avoiding all contact. If the disfellowshiped person is a family member, then they are treated normally within the family, except that they are made to understand that their actions are disapproved of. There is no discussion about church matters in their presence. This can have a devastating effect on a person whose entire religious, family and social life were grounded in the Society. As in all large organizations, official policies must be administered by junior officials. Some consider even celibate gays and lesbians as unsuitable for membership. FUCK YOU PRINCE YOU BIGOTED CLOSET FAG ASSHOLE!



Jehovah's witnesses are very strongly cultic in both doctrine and behaviour, thus fitting both categories of false doctrine and mind control.
What they will tell you:
Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians (although this varies - some JWs will not say this).
What they won't tell you:
They believe that all true Christian churches are of the devil.
They believe Jesus is not God, but is the Archangel Michael - the first being created by God.
They deny that God is a Trinity.
They believe Jesus died on a stake, rather than a cross.
They deny that Jesus rose bodily from the dead.
They believe that ony 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses will go to heaven. The rest will live forever in a paradise on Earth, never meeting the person who died for them - Jesus Christ.
They believe that salvation is impossible outside of the Watchtower.
They are not allowed to question the Watchtower leadership or teaching.
They claim you need to read the Watchtower's magazines and other material in order to understand the Bible correctly. If you don't read the Watchtower's books, you will "fall into darkness" - what they call reverting to normal Christianity.
They have falsely predicted the end of the world five times.
They have just changed a major Watchtower prediction that the end of the world would come before the generation of Witnesses born before 1914 died.
"This cartoon is from the Watchtower publication Golden Age of March 30, 1932, page 409, and is typical of similar pictures or Watchtower cartoons of the era."
They used to forbid any vaccinations or organ transplants, even to save lives.
They are not allowed to have blood transfusions, even to save a child's life. Note that at the meeting of the European Commission of Human Rights (Strasbourg, Monday 2 March - Friday 13 March 1998) under "II.Reports adopted" the Jehovah's Witnesses agreed to radically alter this position. In practice (as outlined in a letter which can be read at Comments from the Friends), the Jehovah's Witnesses do not acknowledge that they need to change their control methods.
"The applicant [Christian Association Jehovah's Witnesses in Bulgaria] undertook with regard to its stance on blood transfusions to draft a statement for inclusion in its statute providing that members should have free choice in the matter for themselves and their children, without any control or sanction on the part of the association."
– European Commission of Human Rights, March 1998.
"The phrasing that is to be incorporated into the statutes of the Christian Association of Jehovah's Witnesses in Bulgaria describes the manner in which Jehovah's Witnesses have traditionally handled these matters."
"Before a person becomes one of Jehovah's Witnesses, the Bible standards are clearly explained. Of course, if someone as a baptized member of Jehovah's Witnesses engages in conduct that falls outside of those Bible standards, efforts are made in a kindly manner to help the erring one recover spiritually. If one refuses such assistance and refuses to uphold Bible standards, including Bible standards regarding the misuse of blood, then this may at times lead to the Scriptural action of disfellowshipping.-1 Corinthians 5:11-13."
– Watchtower letter, August 1998.
They are encouraged to visit homes for at least 10 hours per month distributing Watchtower materials.

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How To Expand The RepubliKKKan Party!!!

Easy!!! Join forces with other similiar organizations!!! The KKK, The White Aryan Nation and Christian Identity!!! Birds of a feather and all that glorious Superior Race hogwash!!! Kill the fags, Jews, niggers, spics, Mexicans etc! Make AmeriKa safe for white people again!!! Bring back slavery and burn old ladies at the stake for being witches!!! Yes The RepubliKKKan Party needs more space to expand and grow!!! They need a glorious Leader to lead them into a new era of Hateful Bigotry!!! And they better hurry cause most of them are so old that they'll all be dead in a few years!!! Good!!! Die bitches die!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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Bring these evil monsters to justice!!! They are Un American, sick twisted, blood thirsty VAMPIRES!!! Drive a stake through their cold phony hearts, cut off their heads and make bouling balls out of their thick brainless skulls!!! Or take their skulls, make flower pots out of them and grow some cool weed man!!! These evil, torturing, sorry excuses for human beings must be punished!!! And that goes double for the dumb, stupid, brainwashed idiots that voted these over used human condoms into power In the first place!!! LET THE MASS HANGINGS BEGIN!!!

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Jayne Art

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Some 'Jayne Art' you may enjoy!

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One of the most used tricks of FASCISTS is to shift their EVIL deeds over to their enemies. They will accuse others of their own 'sins' to throw the bright lights of revelation off them! I see it happen all the time and believe you me 'I am hip to their dirty tricks!'. The deranged psycho puppets at FOX NEWS are perfect at this, as perfect as THE ARCH DECEIVER himself! In fact if I were a right wing RepubliKKKan, CHRISTIAN FASCIST myself, I would swear that FOX NEWS was actually being personally guided by LUCIFER and his host of DEMONS! 99 per cent of what FOX SPEWS puts out are nothing but RepubliKKKan lies! The rest is just fabricated baboon poop! Sorry to insult the poor baboons like that! Hitler and his Nazi propaganda machine were excellent at these down and dirty tricks! Point the finger at Jews, Gays, Gypsies, Tramps and Thives, accuse them of the very crimes that you yourself are committing! Works alot of the time simply because the public masses, and I hate to say this, are STUPID!!! Ever seen Jay Leno doing his 'Jay Walking' segment? SCARY!!! He stops 'regular' people in the street and asks them the most simple questions about history, politics or geography and most of the answers will astound you!!! Can I hear the word dumb? DUMB!!! No wonder the RepubliKKKans won for two elections straight! Not that they won fair and square anyway! Talk about pulling the wool over the AmeriKan publics eyes!!! And another dangerous NAZI bastard that is good at covering his EVIL in sheeps clothing is His Lowness Himself, THE POPE!!! Here is a superstitious old Nazi presiding over the most murderous, stupidest, most dangerous organization that has ever been established since the begining of time, spewing forth from his evil old wrinkled up purple lips the most harmful lies that have ever been used against the poor unsuspecting puplic!!! Accusing others of the very same thing, this Dope of a Pope, has constantly been guilty of - FASCISM! True fascism is the melting together of Church and State, the combination of a repressive religion and a police run rampant state working together to control the population with fear, propaganda and force. Claiming that they are getting their right to do so from GOD himself! Then turning around and accusing those who oppose them of the very same thing! And all to take the heat off of them! The LOWEST OF THE LOW my friends!!! This dangerous, decieving, demonic trick MUST be exposed! The liars at FOX NEWS and their Ludite losing cohorts in the RepubliKKKan Party, and right wing false Christian churches, must be stood up to, challenged, opposed and STOPED!!! We can do it! Jayne County says to FIGHT BACK!!! "Are you ready, are you ready to stop - HATE and BIGOTRY??? It is ok to hate HATE! And to stand up to those who preach the hatred of Homophobia - Transphobia - Racism - Sexism and Fascism all in the name of GOD!!! Beware of False Prophets! They are wolves in sheeps clothing! And you can recognize them by their deeds! And honey, I can smell them a mile away!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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A New Day???

Those who live in yesterday never learn to live for today nor look forward to tomorrow! Quote by Jayne County

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Rush Limbaugh! Is He Possessed By Lucifer???

Some members of The RepubliKKK party are shocked and dismayed by Rush Limbaugh's demonic actions! Senator Becky Bushwanker, RepubliKKKan from the state of, well, one of those god-awful redneck backward southern states, is convinced that Neanderthal, hominid Rush The Magic Crackhead is in direct contact with Satan himself and belongs to The Luciferian Party! "I am trying to organize a excorsism and have contacted one of the best snake handlers in the state of Mississippi!" said Ms Bushwanker." We will cast out those filthy demons and make out dear Rush once again a normal god fearing hominid!!!" Well good luck Ms Bushwanker, you are going to need all the help in heaven and then some!!! You might first force that big fat oxicotton addict to lose a bit of weight so he can at least see his little wee wee when he pee

pees!!!!!!! That might at least put him in a better mood!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh

Scummy, overweight, drug addicted racist, Rush Limbaugh, is the true face of the RepubliKKKan Party! The best thing to happen to the Democrats in quite some time! As the GOP shrinks to a small party of homophobic racist crackpots, they will simply fade into history along with slavery, the KKK and The Union Gap!!! Praise Isis!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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Fox News - TRAITORS!

The pathetic liars and backward thinking, sexually frustrated Neanderthals at Fox News, have finally shown their true coloures! They despise America and all true freedom loving people, who are trying to bring about the positive change that will garantee equal rights to ALL Americans! These poor losers are poisoned with the demonic spirits of their so called 'christian' sheep shagging Dope Popes, Masta Pastors, and Sinister Ministers! Will the real False Prophet please stand up! They are EVIL, sick, degenerated sub human Homo Nids, who have decided to destroy America and replace it with a superstitious, PSYCHO version of Musolini, Fascist Italy! Complete with a crossdressing closet gay Dope of a Pope! They must be stopped before they completely brainwash the entire nation! They are a threat to America's children and to all decent freedom loving people everywhere! They should be arrested, put on trial for treason and HUNG! They have insulted and threatened our great President in the most unpatriotic display of anti Americanism not seen since the first American Civil War! Remember what these hateful racists did to our greatest president Abraham Lincoln, and how they tore this country asunder with their bigotry and blood sucking racist Civil War? These people at Fox News and their repugnant criminal allies are once again on the march to destroy our country! It is time to stand up to these bullies who want to turn America into a Taliban styled Theocratic False Christian Fascist State!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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Texas - Stolen Land

Question- Why don't we just give Texas back To Mexico!?!

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Question Of The Day - How much longer will Amerika be able to be WORLD POLICE?!?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Marriage equality is more than just *Gay Marriage*. I am personally against all marriage, but if one group has the right then so should the others. And Rick Warren is an evil symbol of those who want to turn AmeriKa into a Right Wing Christian Fascist Theocracy! No matter how short the prayer, it represents and sends the wrong message to all Americans that these Right Wing Christians are ok! It is more than just letting others have an opinion. These psycho scumbags seek to DESTROY ALL GAY PEOPLE! Like Hitler and the Jews! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! I would love to see what happened if Obama let a member of the KKK or the White Aryan Nation deliver a prayer. Well, it*s just another opinion! Gassing Jews, burning Fags at the stake and hanging those *niggers!* Same thing, my children, same thing! And it is scary when people cannot recognize the threat. Believe you me, it can happen here and it will if we don*t stand up and FIGHT! It*s not very *productive* to sit in the BACK OF THE BUS and quitely let them carry us away to a concentration camp! Yes ser Master Straight Man!!! You know what*s best for me!!! I will just shuffle my UNCLE TOM ass to the BACK OF THE BUS and wait for you to give me my rights. BULLSHIT! Rick Warren needs his ass kicking and Obama needs his head examined and Gays should study their history and learn what happens to a people who won*t fight back! Even Hitler had an *opinion* and look what he did with it! I for one am not content with being a second class citizen. I pay my taxes and i want my FULL rights! Not 99 per cent of them. MY FULL RIGHTS AND NOTHING LESS! And if they won*t give them to me I will do everything I can to *fuckum!* Including fighting in the streets. I pay taxes and I am not represented! That is called TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. And that is the major cause for the first American Revolution. And now that we have done away with laws that won*t allow blacks to marry whites etc. it is time for another revolution for GLBT people! I for one will be FIGHTING with everything I have not sitting in the back of the bus being content with being a second class citizen. I think too highly of myself as a FREE human being to settle for that kink of unequal crap. It may be ok for some of you but not for MISS JAYNE COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick Warren is a traitor to freedom and he blasphemies the name of God with his twisted version of the Bible. HE SHOULD BE SHOT!!! Now, I would love to hear his prayer for that grand event! REVOLUTION FOR ALL PEOPLE OR DESTROY!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT MAN! Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY!! (Revolutionary, butt kicker of Fascists and fighter for our rights.)


My Dearest Friends,
The Mormon church was the single largest monetary contributor to the VOTE "YES" ON PROPOSITION 8 campaign.
The Mormon church gets its money from church-members and its business holdings.
Below is a list of organizations that are either owned by the Mormon church outright; owned, founded or run by Mormons in executive positions (a portion of whose salary is tithed to the church); or in which the church owns a large percentage of stock.
I respectfully ask that you carefully review this list and think twice before you financially empower these companies with your patron dollars.
PLEASE BOYCOTT THE FOLLOWING BUSINESSES:Kroger Foods (Ralph's and Albertsons)Dell ComputerAmerican ExpressPriceline.comHost Marriott (Marriott hotels and resorts)La Quinta Properties (t-a Quinta hotels)Jet BlueBlack and DeckerRyder Systems (Ryder trucks)1-80O-ContactsK-BIG FM radio Los AngelesHollywood Entertainment (Hollywood Video)lomegaK-Swiss lnc.CorvisSky West AirlinesCentral Pacific BankSwift TransportationCornerstone Realty Income Trust Inc.Cygnus Inc.Tropical SportswearDiebold**** stealing elections!!!Williams Companies Inc.Zions Securities CorpDionexDowney Savings and LoanAgReserves lnc. (agriculture)EarthShellSunrider Int'l.Franklin CoveyNPS PharmaceuticalsLatham and WatkinsHillenbrand IndustriesHuntsman ChemicalHeadwaters Inc.Bain CapitalSpectraAzulJP RealtyDeloitte ToucheKey Corp.Zions Securities Corp.Knight TransportationBonneville comm.Telefonica BrasilApx AlarmMicrel SemiconductorMicro GeneralMerit Medical SystemsMonaco CoachMicrosemi Corp.Myriad GeneticsNovellNuSkinAffiliated computer servicesOil States InternationalAES corp.OakleyAvista corp.Phelps Dodge Corp.Cadence Design
For further information including additional companies, names, titlesand contact