Sunday, September 16, 2007


Thank you ISIS for!!! They tell it like it is! Good Goddessamithty!!! And that disgusting X Mayor Gullofirony!!! What*s his last name??? Gulliannie or Jeweleironee. What does it matter? An asshole by any other name is an asshole! Forgive my use of proper street language, but street language is what we need to jolt all these brainwashed AmeriKans into taking notice that The RepubliKKKan Party wants a Police State! And let*s face it. Anyone who is offended by good ole everyday speech has a severe problem and is most likely a closet conservative or a closet case gay RepubliKKKan creepo!!! The People*s Language is fine by me. As opposed to language that the so called honest, respectable Christian Psychos want to force on us. OOOOOOOOOO we may offend their GOD!!! Oh I am trembling in the presence of a false graven image of the AmeriKan flag!! Let*s all get ready and bow down to BABYLON together and support our GREAT LEADER as he leads us into the abyss of the BOTTONLESS PIT of Neo Con sewage!!! I approve of the fantastic add calling General Petreus, General Betrayus!!! (Forgive my spelling. I only do it to offend miss prissy perfect!) That lying SOB has betrayed us by marching to the propaganda beat of King George and his Gestapo troops of war and murder! GOOD FOR YOU MOVE ON!!!!!!!!! And guess what?? I, Jayne County am personally a member and I give them MONEY every single month!!! And my money is being well spent!!! I love the *offending* add. HA HA HA!!! Well, x Fascist Mayor, Hullygullyirony should be offended and deeply ASHAMED!!! All who support the AmeriKan War Machine are a disgrace to the entire human race! In the immortal words of BOB DYLAN *I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE YE MASTERS OF WAR!* Listen to that song and then listen to *With God On Our Side.* No one else could say it all better. Too bad Bobby denies his own soul and chooses to remain silent in his ivory tower of fame and fortune! *Positively 4th Bob* wake up and join us! We need you again, now more than ever!!! So come on and SUPPORT MOVE ON!!! WE NEED THEM! This fight to stop The Coming Darkness has just started! EVERYONE HAS TO HELP!!! Send emails to all the fucked up politicians. DEMAND THEM TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! Make phone calls! Sign petitions. Go to the MARCHES. Yes they DO help!!!!! They help people to know that there is soladarity for us who are disgusted by what the Powers That Be are doing to this country and the entire world! BABYLON WILL FALL ONLY IF WE KICK AND SCREAM OUR WAY OUT OF THE FIERY FURNACE OF WAR BIGOTRY AND IGNORANCE!! GET TOGETHER PEOPLE AND FIGHT THE BASTARDS!!! Written By Jayne County (Please forgive any misspellings, I don*t have a proof reader!) Get the picture??? Yes, we see!!!