Saturday, September 15, 2007


Forget those disgusting Log Cabin Gay RepubliKKKans. These Fascist Gays are are already OUT and they are simply a discrace to the entire Gay Community. Let*s here it for the closet cases who are gay but still think or pretend that they are straight! Unfortunately the entire AmeriKan ecomomy is supported by these married queers. Oh well. That*s a RepubliKKKan for you! Here are my TOP TEN STEPS FOR BECOMING A CLOSET GAY REPUBLIKKKAN SENATOR!! 10. Fiddle around in high school with your best friend. Oh it*s not gay, you*re just going thru a phase! 9. Go to Babtist Bible School and learn how Jesus loves all the little children of the world, but sends anyone who is not a Christian or even a Babtist to Hell to burn for ever! Ditto for the Catholic Church! 8. Have some homosexual experiences in college. Oh I must have been soooooooooooo drunk, or the Devil made me put my roomates free Willie in my mouth!!! Sorry I thought it was an Italian sausage. Hmmmmm love those with mucho mustard!!! 7. Believe all the bull your brainwashed parents have been torturing you with about how sinful homosexuality is. Well if it was good enough to fuck up my parent*s heads it*s good enough for me! 6. Secreatly put on your mother*s clothes when she is out shopping at the Winn Dixie. Pull your wig wam between your legs and pretend you have a Siamese pussy! 5. Go to the prom with the most homeliest girl in your school then sneak out to the parking lot to get a blow job by the *town queer.* 4. Get married and have children. You will need a good cover for your *sinful* behavior. Hiding behind your hetrosexual marriage is a good one! Alot of married queers do that! 3. Hang out with the most obnoxious rednecks in your town. Tell fag jokes and talk about how all those queers should be hung. 2. Go into politics and run for office on the RepubliKKKan ticket. Talk about *family values* and how much you hate Gay Marriage and Evolution. 1. Become a senator, and vote for as many anti gay amendments as possible. Go to church, pretend to be a *normal* married man, then sneak off to a toilet and have sex with another hypocritical, self loathing, closet case RepubliKKKan creep!!! There you have it my friends! Self loathing closet gays are attracted to the RepubliKKKan Party because it*s God* Party! It*s God*s Party and I*ll lie if I want to! And God*s Party is doing the very opposite of what the Bible says to do! They ignore all of Jesus*s Sermon On The Mount, about how to treat other human beings. The RepubliKKKans are the modern day Pharisees!! They sit in the front rows of their pissy little churches with their wives and children then go out and secreatly do all the things that they condemn other people for doing! Jayne County says, *THROW THEM TO THE LIONS!!!* Written by Jayne County