Monday, February 25, 2008

My Advice To The DemocratSS

Tell Bill Clinton to keep his big fat mouth shut! Everytime he opens it, Hilary*s ratings go DOWN!!! Stop being the milder version of the RepubliKKKan party! You should know better than that! You already ruined the anti war movement, what do you want to do now, ruin all hope of Amerika ever becoming a country where TRUE freedom rings! Money may make the world go round but it makes you look like a bunch of Capitalist Pig Scumbags!!! What are you trying to do? Turn me into a fucking Communist??? Stop comparing Obama to JFK! What the HELL are ya tring to do? Get him shot??? Send that back stabbing traitor, Joseph Lieberman, to the gallows! What an asshole! He and Zell Miller of Ga. are being payed by the RepubliKKKan Party to fuck the DemocratSS royally! They both should LEAVE the Democratic Party and join with their fellow RepubliKKKans to force their twisted, war mongering brand of Theocracy on the rest of the world. They are both PSYCHOS!!! Everything but a granny wig and a violent knife stabbing in a cheap motel shower!!! Socialize the entire medical INDUSTRY. That* right. It*s an industry! They don*t give a shit about taking care of America*s health issues. In fact, the drug companies and the entire health system want us all to be sick so they can suck every nickle and dime out of our last dying breath!!! They put poisons in our food and chemicals in our drinks to make us gain more weight and give us heart deseases ON PURPOSE!!! Do you really think that they don*t know that the shit they put in diet Pepsi gives us brain tumors?? Get real! They do! Look at all the money they make on giving us Cancer!! They don*t want us to be healthy. In fact, they suppress any info on how to prevent us from getting deseases! If we are not sick then they are all out of a job! So KEEP AMERIKANS SICK AND SUPPORT THE FOOD AND DRUG INDUSTRY!!! John MaCain is saying that we are winning in Iraq! OK then, if we won, then we are finished! We did our job. Now let*s get the fuck out and let the people of Iraq run their own country. AmeriKa is already responsible for more deaths than Saddam Who Sane! I wonder when someone is going to arrest King George and degrade and humiliate him for murdering hundreds of thousands of people including more AmeriKans than died in the World Trade Centre! MURDER IS MURDER. YOUR IDEOLOGY DOSNT MAKE YOU ANY BETTER THAN ANY OTHER DICTATOR. The DemocratSS will not bring any real change to AmeriKa. In fact, they may even make the situation even WORSE!!! We need a REAL CHANGE. A complete REVOLUTION! We need to start all over again! You can*t fool the Children Of The Revolution!!! You reap what you sow and AmeriKa has sewn the seeds of WAR and INJUSTICE. Those that live by the sword (Guns and missles.) shall die by the sword!!! The Roman Empire fell and so will the AmeriKan Empire fall! Come see! Come see! BABYLON THE GREAT HAS FALLEN!!! Written by Jayne County