Sunday, September 28, 2008


That*s right. All of the above are true! The woman is an Uncle Tom and supports Nazi Bastard, John McCain who supports NOT giving women equal treatment under the law. McCain believes a woman should get less money than a man doing the same job! Now that is enough to make any sane thinking human being vomit!!! Sarah Palin, you are a self loathing psycho who wets her own bed to stay warm at night! Dumb, stupid, and disgusting beyond belief. And you are a liar. You lie every time you open that pig like snout of yours regardless of what coloure of lipstick you are wearing! Even the greasy orange shade that makes you look like you just gave little Johnny Boy a blow job behing the convention screen at the RepubliKKKan Convention. Wow, the Nurenburg Rallies will never be the same! And all that animal murdering! Shooting baby wolves as they try to suckle their dead mothers, that have been shot and killed by you and your Nazi Animal Death Squads!!! You make me ashamed to be human!!! And you do it all in the name of GOD! Well, your sick twisted version of what you so sickenly think of as GOD anyway. If this is what GOD is like, then both GOD and you should be skined alive and have your pathetic heads mantled on some KKK members fireplace! You are not a Christian. You are a FALSE PROPHET who should be driven out of the Temple on a rail! You make a mockery of Christ*s name and if there is a HELL then it is YOU who are going to BURN!!! Hmmmm. I wonder how long you could get your SUV to run, on all the smelly grease that would run out of your sorry behind when you BURN WITCH BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and now we hear that you had an affair with another man while married to your closet Gay husband! Wow, how Christian!!! And your daughter! Yes the one that has gone against your own Christian teachings and commited a SIN according to the very Bible you so thump!!! Being pregnant out of wedlock which the Bible says is a sin that is to be punished by having her STONED TO DEATH!!! Oh I guess you just skip over that part and go right to the ones that say Gays should all be burned at the stake and castrated! Oh you are such a Christian woman!!! Picking and choosing which Old Testament laws you will follow while pointing your ratty little butt picking finger at everyone else!!! Wow, Pat Robertson and glad to be dead, Jerry Farwell would be so proud of you! But I doubt very seriously Sarah, that GOD will be pleased by you using his name to promote hate and bigotry! After all, Christ came to transform the Old Law into a New Law of LOVE. I guess you prefer to skip over all that liberal, hippy, Sermon On Mount, love crap and get to the Matthew 24 bits about doom, distruction, war, desease and death! Right up you alley since you say that the Iraq War is *God*s will!* Be careful little Christian girl. Speaking for God will get you in ALOT of trouble!!! You are about as Christian as Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini! You say you are on God*s side! There you go again, Mary Had A Little Lamb!!! LYING LYING LYING!!!! If you are on anyone*s side at all it would be Satan*s, because He is the Great Deceiver and you are a HARLOT DAUGHTER OF BABYLON!!! Belonging to the RepubliKKKan Party which is just another arm of Mighty Babylon! Ruled by the Protestant Churches which came out of the Great Whore Church. Arch deceiver and murderer of men, women, children and pregnant women! Yes, even the unborn!!! All in the name of your false, twisted, psycho GOD!!! A false God that suits, your bigoted, outdated, disgusting belief system that seeks to deny justice for millions of AmeriKans by keeping them ignorant, uneducated and POOR! You, Sarah Palin, and all the other bigoted RepubliKKKan Fascist Pigs in Bright Orange Lipstick, are the very reason that America is in the awful shape it is today! YOU DID IT!!! AND what*s more, all the other idiots that voted you sick pigs into power are also responsible!!! I DESPISE what you have done to MY country! Hold your ugly heads down in SHAME and ask the American People to forgive you for your LYING, WAR MONGERING, MONEY GRUBBING, EVIL, BIGOTED WAYS!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! written by JAYNE COUNTY