Saturday, January 12, 2008


I don*t hate RepubliKKKans as people! It*s the SIN of commiting disgusting RepubliKKKan acts of ignorance and stupidity that I hate! If we could send them to hospitals to turn them into Liberals, I think the world would be a better and safer place! God also doesn*t hate RepubliKKKans. But he hates their Republikkkan SINS! Their contempt for the poor, higher education and science are just a few of their multitude of SINS! But RepubliKKKans can change! If they confess their nasty, narrow minded SINS and repent of their disgusting acts of bigotry and purge their poor wilted hearts and brains, then they could wash away their SINS and become turthful, understanding, intelligent Liberals! OH HAPPY DAY! WHEN AN OPEN MIND, WASHED THEIR SINS AWAY!!! Then they will no longer be RepubliKKKans ! Yes, they will be changed in spirit and mind! They will no longer want to sneak off to toilets to have sex with other men or pass repressive laws against Gay People! They will no longer keep women in the chains of slavery by taking away their rights to own their own bodies!!! They will no longer have to hide behind their marriages and children! In the Bible, God destroyed the city of SODOM because the people were RepubliKKKans! They ate their own children and had sex with snakes!!! But now that God has sent us Obama, the sins of the RepubliKKKans can be washed away! Now the RepubiKKKans too, will be able to walk on water and join the angels in Heaven! Then the SINS OF THE REPUBLIKKKANS can be washed away forever!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!! By Jayne County