Sunday, November 30, 2008


LOL!!! I just gotta laugh!!! Will anyone EVER get the Warhol thing right? I mean how can a group of art and film school amateurs get something sooooooooooooooooo WRONG??? I mean the Docu is enjoyable but it is full is just plain CRAP!!! Alot of the things they were saying were just plain out LIES! And made up stories by drunken old alcoholics and brain dead druggies!!!LOL LOL LOL!!! The world truly is a CIRCUS and the WARHOL CIRCUS was the biggest FANTASY of them all. (Shit my spelling is getting worse!!!) A perfect example of right wing CAPITALISM MEETS DECADANT WEIMAR REPUBLIKKK ARTISTS WANNABEES GONE BESERK!!! Wow! How did I come up with that one??? So, this must be the RIGHT WING version huh??? He He!!! The film reeks of *Let*s make even MORE money off this group of desperate circus freaks!* Like a FELINI (Spelling???) movie, on 16 RPM (Get someone older to explain that to you!!!) it crawls, spits and drowns in its on piss. So much SHIT spews forth from this ASSHOLE of a film, that not all the Sears catalogs in the world, could wipe up the mess! I mean, the OUTSIDE TOILET IS FULL! The MOUNTAIN OF HOLY SHIT IS CRAWLIN WIT FLIES AND MAGGOTS! Making money off the freaks and still NOT GIVING THE FREAKS ANY CREDIT OR MONEY FOR THEIR TIME, ENERGY AND HUMILIATION IS NUMBER ONE ON THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF *SCREW YOU!!!* Sure, your movie has played all over the world constantly and it*s being rented out on DVD*s and I got a house I just sold for FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS, but I payed you 100 measly dollars in 19 Sixty Shit Fire And Save Matches, so SCREW YOU JUNKY TRASH!!! I mean, isn*t that the way all RIGHT WING, SELF LOATHING, UNCLE TOM, LOG CABIN REPUBLIKKKAN COCKSUCKERS ACT??? Of course it is. YOU ALL KNOW THAT!!!!!! And we all, as freaks or artists or whatever, have experienced this kind of treatment from these money grubbing, capatilistic pig bastards!!!!!!!! We are artists. We have the gift. They are capitalists. They have the power. The power to make or break you. The power to crush you like a roach! It dosn*t matter that the makers of this film DO NOT KNOW THEIR HISTORY. And that, they got facts wrong and coasted along on the drug addicted fantacies of THE UNDEAD! What matters is that they had the money to make this sadly lacking excuse for a docu and therefore they had the power to FUCK IT UP!!! PRODUCE. PRODUCE A PRODUCT. PRODUCE A PRODUCT THAT IS FLAWED. PRODUCE A PRODUCT THAT IS FLAWED AND MISLEADING AND AN INSULT TO ALL THE FREAKS AND ARTISTS BOTH DEAD AND ALIVE. Even if they don*t realize it. YOU HAVE ONCE AGAIN BEEN USED, ABUSED AND DISCARDED! And once again, SOMEONE has ran off with all the MONEY leaving YOU=============UP SHIT CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE!!! Yep! It*s once again, SCREW YOU CIRCUS FREAKS AND THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!! And in the immortal words of one of the greatest artist to ever be alive, JOHNNY THUNDERS (They probably don*t even know who he is!! Idiots!) *YOU CAN*T PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND A MEMORY!!!* No, Johnny, my angel darling! You cannot! And neither can your memories put a roof over your head, put food into your belly (OF THE BEAST!) and give you the dignity and credit that all artist deserve in this world of cut throat money grubbing selfish fascist bastards! YOU are an ARTIST! Your work and memories are being STOLEN from you and YOU are not being given the MONEY you need to even continue your ART OF ============= THE HUMAN SOUL AND ABUSED FLESHLY BODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people make a movie like this, they are NAILING YOUR ART TO A CROSS OF MAXED OUT CREDIT CARDS, UNPAID DOCTOR BILLS AND CLOGGED UP TOILETS OF USED CONDOMS!!! They strip our art down to GREED AND LUST. They are VAMPIRES AND LEECHES!!! (And not even cute ones at that!) Show me the way to the next starving artist! OH YOU KNOW WHY! OH YOU KNOW WHY!!! FOR IF WE CAN*T FIND THE NEXT STARVING ARTIST, I TELL YOU WE MUST DIE. I TELL YOU WE MUST DIE!!! I TELL YOU. I TELL YOU. I TELL YOU. WE MUST DIE! OH MOON OF ALABAMA ONE DAY MAYBY I WILL HAVE ALL THE MONEY THEN I TOO CAN BECOME A LEECH AND MAKE MONEY OFF THE NEXT LITTLE STARVIN ARTIST! THE NEXT LITTLE DOLLAR! THE NEXT LITTLE EURO!!! STEP RIGHT UP! FOR ONE TENTH OF A DOLLAR YOU CAN WATCH ME PIMP OFF MY ART LIKE A BITCH PROSTITUTE ON THE STREET OF STOLEN DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE PIMP RUNS OFF WITH THE MONEY AND BUYS A HOUSE IN FRANCE AND THE ARTIST IS THROWN INTO A DEN OF JACK THE RIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, my dear friends, artists and freaks. Miss Jayne County says to you.GUARD YOUR ART YOUR HEART AND YOUR MEMORIES!!!! fOR THERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL SELL YOUR SOUL FOR PISS IN A POT!!! Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY