Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fox News - TRAITORS!

The pathetic liars and backward thinking, sexually frustrated Neanderthals at Fox News, have finally shown their true coloures! They despise America and all true freedom loving people, who are trying to bring about the positive change that will garantee equal rights to ALL Americans! These poor losers are poisoned with the demonic spirits of their so called 'christian' sheep shagging Dope Popes, Masta Pastors, and Sinister Ministers! Will the real False Prophet please stand up! They are EVIL, sick, degenerated sub human Homo Nids, who have decided to destroy America and replace it with a superstitious, PSYCHO version of Musolini, Fascist Italy! Complete with a crossdressing closet gay Dope of a Pope! They must be stopped before they completely brainwash the entire nation! They are a threat to America's children and to all decent freedom loving people everywhere! They should be arrested, put on trial for treason and HUNG! They have insulted and threatened our great President in the most unpatriotic display of anti Americanism not seen since the first American Civil War! Remember what these hateful racists did to our greatest president Abraham Lincoln, and how they tore this country asunder with their bigotry and blood sucking racist Civil War? These people at Fox News and their repugnant criminal allies are once again on the march to destroy our country! It is time to stand up to these bullies who want to turn America into a Taliban styled Theocratic False Christian Fascist State!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

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