Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Expand The RepubliKKKan Party!!!

Easy!!! Join forces with other similiar organizations!!! The KKK, The White Aryan Nation and Christian Identity!!! Birds of a feather and all that glorious Superior Race hogwash!!! Kill the fags, Jews, niggers, spics, Mexicans etc! Make AmeriKa safe for white people again!!! Bring back slavery and burn old ladies at the stake for being witches!!! Yes The RepubliKKKan Party needs more space to expand and grow!!! They need a glorious Leader to lead them into a new era of Hateful Bigotry!!! And they better hurry cause most of them are so old that they'll all be dead in a few years!!! Good!!! Die bitches die!!! Sincerely, Jayne County

-- Post From My iPhone Jayne County