Saturday, January 3, 2009


Marriage equality is more than just *Gay Marriage*. I am personally against all marriage, but if one group has the right then so should the others. And Rick Warren is an evil symbol of those who want to turn AmeriKa into a Right Wing Christian Fascist Theocracy! No matter how short the prayer, it represents and sends the wrong message to all Americans that these Right Wing Christians are ok! It is more than just letting others have an opinion. These psycho scumbags seek to DESTROY ALL GAY PEOPLE! Like Hitler and the Jews! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! I would love to see what happened if Obama let a member of the KKK or the White Aryan Nation deliver a prayer. Well, it*s just another opinion! Gassing Jews, burning Fags at the stake and hanging those *niggers!* Same thing, my children, same thing! And it is scary when people cannot recognize the threat. Believe you me, it can happen here and it will if we don*t stand up and FIGHT! It*s not very *productive* to sit in the BACK OF THE BUS and quitely let them carry us away to a concentration camp! Yes ser Master Straight Man!!! You know what*s best for me!!! I will just shuffle my UNCLE TOM ass to the BACK OF THE BUS and wait for you to give me my rights. BULLSHIT! Rick Warren needs his ass kicking and Obama needs his head examined and Gays should study their history and learn what happens to a people who won*t fight back! Even Hitler had an *opinion* and look what he did with it! I for one am not content with being a second class citizen. I pay my taxes and i want my FULL rights! Not 99 per cent of them. MY FULL RIGHTS AND NOTHING LESS! And if they won*t give them to me I will do everything I can to *fuckum!* Including fighting in the streets. I pay taxes and I am not represented! That is called TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. And that is the major cause for the first American Revolution. And now that we have done away with laws that won*t allow blacks to marry whites etc. it is time for another revolution for GLBT people! I for one will be FIGHTING with everything I have not sitting in the back of the bus being content with being a second class citizen. I think too highly of myself as a FREE human being to settle for that kink of unequal crap. It may be ok for some of you but not for MISS JAYNE COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick Warren is a traitor to freedom and he blasphemies the name of God with his twisted version of the Bible. HE SHOULD BE SHOT!!! Now, I would love to hear his prayer for that grand event! REVOLUTION FOR ALL PEOPLE OR DESTROY!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT MAN! Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY!! (Revolutionary, butt kicker of Fascists and fighter for our rights.)