Saturday, January 3, 2009


My Dearest Friends,
The Mormon church was the single largest monetary contributor to the VOTE "YES" ON PROPOSITION 8 campaign.
The Mormon church gets its money from church-members and its business holdings.
Below is a list of organizations that are either owned by the Mormon church outright; owned, founded or run by Mormons in executive positions (a portion of whose salary is tithed to the church); or in which the church owns a large percentage of stock.
I respectfully ask that you carefully review this list and think twice before you financially empower these companies with your patron dollars.
PLEASE BOYCOTT THE FOLLOWING BUSINESSES:Kroger Foods (Ralph's and Albertsons)Dell ComputerAmerican ExpressPriceline.comHost Marriott (Marriott hotels and resorts)La Quinta Properties (t-a Quinta hotels)Jet BlueBlack and DeckerRyder Systems (Ryder trucks)1-80O-ContactsK-BIG FM radio Los AngelesHollywood Entertainment (Hollywood Video)lomegaK-Swiss lnc.CorvisSky West AirlinesCentral Pacific BankSwift TransportationCornerstone Realty Income Trust Inc.Cygnus Inc.Tropical SportswearDiebold**** stealing elections!!!Williams Companies Inc.Zions Securities CorpDionexDowney Savings and LoanAgReserves lnc. (agriculture)EarthShellSunrider Int'l.Franklin CoveyNPS PharmaceuticalsLatham and WatkinsHillenbrand IndustriesHuntsman ChemicalHeadwaters Inc.Bain CapitalSpectraAzulJP RealtyDeloitte ToucheKey Corp.Zions Securities Corp.Knight TransportationBonneville comm.Telefonica BrasilApx AlarmMicrel SemiconductorMicro GeneralMerit Medical SystemsMonaco CoachMicrosemi Corp.Myriad GeneticsNovellNuSkinAffiliated computer servicesOil States InternationalAES corp.OakleyAvista corp.Phelps Dodge Corp.Cadence Design
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