Thursday, May 22, 2014

TranSS Activists! The new FASCISM!

TranSS activists continue their assualt on freedom of language by policing words and bullying people into banning words they don't like. They use their status as VICTIMS to oppress and ban other people's rights to use words of their choice. This is clearly a case of the oppressed oppressing others. It's BULLSHIT! I have lost all respect for these Nazis in flats and bedwetters in bad wigs! They have 'transitioned' from men to BULLIES. I say this because most of them seem to be MF. I guess it fits. Male to female. Male to fascists! They are pathetic sick paranoid assholes! It will all blow up in their faces eventually. Good! Their insolent leader HARKER ANNOY looks like Buddy Holly in a fright wig!