Thursday, May 29, 2014


Thank you Isis not all Trans people agree with these fringe trans activists! These so called 'activists'  are CONSERVATIVES who are scared to death that someone may think that they are GAY! Or even worse  (Shock horror!) a DRAGQUEEN! If you were really secure with your own gender and sexuality, you wouldn't care what anyone else thought ! And I would bet you a million that the majority of these  'activists' don't give two cents for the Community and would be quite happy to not be a part of it at all! And if that's the case then I say good riddance! Leave and go form your own 'Conservative Trans Community.' And leave the rest of us alone! Succeed from the GLBT Community. Call yourselves 'The Confederate Trans Community Of AmeriKa!' Mayby even form your own country, with Rush Limbaugh as your president! You could call it Aftranastan! And your religious leaders could be called The Tranaban! That way you could inforce the usage of language and punish anyone for using words you rule to be offensive by chopping off their hands or pulling out their tongues! You could censor any words you choose! So mayby you really do think its time for you to get rid of the 'T' word once and for all! No, I'm not talking about THAT 'T' word! I'm talking about the 'T' in GLBT! I'm sure most of these activists would love separating themselves since most of them seem to be homo and dragphobic. And another thing I don 't get. If you really consider yourselves 'women' why do some of you insist on putting the word 'Trans' in front of the word. Trans Woman ! That's just like saying that you don't consider yourselves to be  'real' women at all! If you did you wouldn't feel the need to insert the word 'trans' in front of the word  'woman!' My my! Words Words Words!!!!! Yep sometimes WORDS can be SUCH a problem!