Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Now I bring this up because I am both embarrassed and horrified that an alleged libertarian would pull this sort of double-talk to smear gay people.

There is a stereotype that libertarians are intelligent and tolerant people (the two often go together). I would have to say this case seems to prove otherwise. And it appears from a cursory glance the reason is because of religious extremism once again. Just as fundamentalists have ruined the Republican Party if they are allowed to infiltrate the Libertarian Party they will have the same effect.

The libertarian in question in Kenn Gividen, who not only smears gays, but mounts a defense of creationsim as well. And then for good measure he tries argue that Thomas Jefferson was some great fan of religion, a very dubious claim indeed. He is also anti-immigration and also claims that "gay-banning states" are more prosperous presuming a link between being anti-gay and economic prosperity. The problem with the fundie is that he puts his religion above everything else. And eventually he demand that everything else be made subservient to his religion. And that will include the Libertarian Party if they get into leadership positions. (Yes, there are some exceptions but this general rule is true.)