Thursday, July 25, 2013


PRETENDING TO BE 'FREAKY!!'' Ripping off 'real' freaks, GAYS AND TRANS PEOPLE!!! Getting rich off of their un real BLACKFACE!!! LONG HAIR!!' LEATHER!!' PAINTED NAILS!!! LIPSTICK!!! HI HEELED BOOTS!!! Oh aren't we freaky and FABU!! NOT!!! Give it up you phoney assholes. Yeah you made some great often INCREDIBLE Rock music!!! BUT ur day is over!!' Time for the REAL freaks to take over!!! These outdated ROCK N ROLL REPUBLIKKKANS, are so sexually uptite and repressed that they have to join ANTI GAY groups to prop up their fake masculinity, so afraid someone is going to think that they really ARE 'freaky' or worse!!! Oh Heavens forbid, someone may think that they are GAY!! OMG!!! Is this the reason that artists like, ALICE COOPER, DEE SNYDER OF TWISTED SISTER, GENE SIMMONS OF KISS MY TRANNIE ASS, TED NUGENT and a few other right wing FROGS FROM PLANET SLIMEARAMMA, are all members of the most hateful, the most disgusting, the most RACIST, the most HOMOPHOBIC group since the KKK and WHITE ARYAN NATION, The RepubliKKKan Party of Pickled Possum Poop??!!??!!??!!??!??? Are they insecure about their own sexuality? Because after all they do look worse than some of the DRAGQUEEN REJECTS from Rupaul's Drag Race!! The ones that we never see! Mayby they join anti gay groups to cover up the fact that they secreatly would love to suck dick, wear real women's clothes or be on a fabu float in the next Gay Pride Parade! Mayby they are just scared little CLOSET CASES, that trump the fact that they are Neanderthal RepubliKKKans, because it makes them feel manly! At any rate, many people and FANS are starting to realize that these old outdated rich pussy chassing dinosaurs aren't even worth bothering with anymore! We got their records who needs to hear their narrow minded oppinions from THE DARK AGES!!!???!!' ROCK ON AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! by Jayne County