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Fwd: This is a criminal system, we need revolution-- nothing less.

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Revolution #312, August 4, 2013    
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Here's what YOU can do now

We do not need to live under this criminal system. We do not need to live in a world of exploitation of the people, and the planet. We do notneed to live in a world of violent oppression-from drones in the Middle East to racist vigilante murder in Florida.

The way to change all that is REVOLUTION. Revolution is not only necessary, it is possible. It is time to build that movement for revolution.

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Prisoner Hunger Strike Enters Fourth Week

This System of Torture Killed Billy "Guero" Sell

On July 8, the largest prisoner hunger strike in California history began with over 30,000 prisoners in 22 of the state's 33 prisons refusing food. Now, going into a fourth week, hundreds of prisoners are still on a hunger strike, courageously fighting for an end to indefinite solitary confinement and other cruel, inhuman abuses.

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Building Societywide Support for Prisoner Hunger Strike

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Three Hard-Earned Lessons from the Comments of Juror B29

This week juror B29 from the trial of George Zimmerman came out on TV and said what millions of people already knew: "George Zimmerman got away with murder."

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Film Showings

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BA Everywhere                        

This is a time to step up BA Everywhere

Rev up the Engines for the Revolution--Nothing Less! August Van Tours

Call up the volunteers. Reserve the vans. Ready the projection and sound equipment to reach hundreds and thousands of people. Rev up the engines for the second week of the Summer 2013 Revolution--Nothing Less Van Tours to go back on the road at a juncture when people have new ears to hear the music of revolution.

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Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Hits the Road!

After kickoff rallies in New York and San Francisco on July 23, the Freedom Riders set out for a month, to take their message across the country: "Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!"

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Hands Off the Revolution Club NYC

Drop the Charges Against Noche Diaz and Jamel Mims!

Noche Diaz and Jamel Mims, Stop Mass Incarceration Network organizers and members of the Revolution Club NYC, were arrested in Harlem on Saturday, July 27. Noche, Jamel, and other revolutionaries were leading a speak-out and protest at the Harlem State Office Building against the outrageous acquittal of George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin's murder.

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Revolutionary Gregory Koger Sent Back to Jail

Judge's Secret Ruling Comes to Light

July 23--Gregory Koger, revolutionary communist and ex-prisoner, was taken from a courtroom today and sent back to Cook County Jail in Chicago to serve the remainder of a 300-day sentence.

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Cook County Jail Retaliates Against Gregory Koger, Revolutionary Hunger Striker

Cook County jail has sent Gregory Koger for a "psychological evaluation" multiple times since he was sent to jail on Tuesday, July 23, citing as grounds his hunger strike in solidarity with thousands of California prisoners who are on hunger strike to end the torture of solitary confinement.

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A Shout Out to Cornel West--

We Must Have His Back

Responding to Barack Obama's July 19 speech on the verdict that let the killer of Trayvon Martin walk free, on the radio show Democracy Now!, Cornel West called Obama a "Global George Zimmerman."

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Author Edwidge Danticat at Revolution Books NYC Fundraiser

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U.S. to World: Give Us Edward Snowden--Or Else!

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Dr. Antonio Martinez: "Gregory Is Being Punished
for his Political Ideas"

Outside the courthouse where revolutionary Gregory Koger was sent back to jail, Revolution talked to Dr. Antionio Martinez, a psychologist with the Institute for Survivors of Human Rights Abuse and co-founder of the Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture.

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No Make-Believe God Has or Will End Oppression

A reader answers an objection from a religious activist to a Revolution article that said the people don't need "fairy tales about how some nonexistent god" is going to get justice for Trayvon Martin.

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Four Points for Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben, an influential environmentalist, has written and lectured widely on global warming. His organization,, has been staging protests against oil, natural gas, and coal projects this summer.

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A System of Oppression Working the Way It Has Always Worked

In slave days, the slave master enlisted "regular white people" in slave patrols to roam the roads and paths, fields and forests.

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"This Film is HOPE for me cause i know things are going to get real..."

I am deeply whole heart that this new film BA Speaks is the push we have needed, and its right on time.

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Interview with Sarah Shourd:

Surviving Prison in Iran... Now Fighting Solitary Confinement in the USA

Sarah Shourd is a writer and advocate against the use of solitary confinement. In 2009 Sarah, along with her two friends, were hiking near the Iraq-Iran border when they were arrested by the Iranian military.

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Running with the Revolution Club in Times Square

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Millions of People in the Streets of Egypt Does NOT Change Reality--This Was a Reactionary U.S.-Backed Coup

The fact that a section of the people in Egypt--even a sizable section--has been misled into supporting this coup means nothing about the actual character of it.

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Zimmerman Got Away With Murder...

Marissa Alexander Got 20 Years

Marissa Alexander, a 32-year-old Black woman, was arrested in 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida, after she fired a warning shot into a wall of her home to stop an attack.

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"I took the unjust killing of Trayvon Martin very personal."

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"Twelve signs that You Might be a CREEPY-ASS-CRACKA"

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Prisoners on Hunger Strike Write: Day 9 and Day 10

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Genocidal Realities: Sundown Towns

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Carl Dix Speaks on:
"We Don't Need a New Civil Rights Movement--We Need a Revolution"
Tuesday, July 30, 7 pm
Revolution Books, NYC

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Read about it, spread the word and build support.


» The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Hits Cleveland, Ohio July 25, 2013: We took to the Streets - Here are some responses

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Go to the BA Everywhere page for the latest updates on the campaign.

For more on the Trayvon Martin case, including reports of protest, click here.


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