Sunday, May 20, 2012


10. Tie the bitch down on a cold cement floor and cover her with Elmer's Glue! Lower a 50 inch flat screen TV just three feet from her ice caked, Elmer's Glue of Olay face. Play footage of the Arizona shootings over and over again, until she cries out to JESUS to forgive her for inciting right wing hatred and violence toward normal , sane acting Liberals, Progressives and nine year old children! Maybe Jesus will take pity on her foul smelling soul and commute her sentence in Hell to only three years of community service working with drug addicts, people with HIV and the poor and displaced!!! And cleaning out the toilets down at the local GLBT Community Center! May Jesus BEAT DOWN this nasty BIGOTED bitch with His true Christian LOVE! Something that Ms. Palin, who 'claims' to be a Christian, knows nothing about!!!
9. Tie Miss Right Wing Fruit Cake, Elephant Walk On Her Face, in to a mock electric chair! Only this time, force her to watch Michael Moore films and Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann shows off of You Tube for hours and hours on end!!! When she screams out that she can't take it anymore, pour a full bottle of amyl nitrate (Poppers) up her nose! Then crank up Patti Smith on full column singing 'Ask The Angels!' Ask the angels if they are calling for Sarah Palin to stop encouraging right wing GUN NUTS to murder innocent children and JEWISH DEMOCRATS!!! And then to add insult to injury use the anti Semitic term 'blood lible!' A term this ignorant bitch used that is associated with those who accuse the Jews of murdering Christ! The Nazis used it against the Jews while murdering SIX MILLION of them!!! Ask The Angels if THEY are calling for Sarah Palin to be thrown into The Lake Of Fire along with The Anti Christ (Glenn Beck) Satan (Rush Limbaugh) and The Great False Prophet (Fox Spews!) ASK THE ANGELS!!
8. Skin Sarah Palin alive!!! Tie barbed wire around her big (Big Foot) toes! Turn her upside down! Smear honey and rotten fig preserves all over her smooth, freshly skinned, under flesh! Then slowly bring her down and dip her head first, into a giant hill of ARMY ANTS!!! After the sweet little ants have stuffed themselves like little RepubliKKKan pigs and stored enough away for many a rainy day, gather up some of the overstuffed little dickens, cover them with chocolate and serve them up as a delicious Sweet and Sarah treat at the next RepubliKKKan get together!!! And don't worry about anyone finding out about you stuffing your faces!!! No one will be able to tell anyway, under those WHITE SHEETS!!!
7. Take Sarah Palin and strip her naked. Take her up in a helicopter, over the snow capped hills of Alaska. (Give that fucking state back to Russia!!! "Oh I can see it from my retarded back yard! Just behind my bright chewing gum pink trailer!!!) What is this? The fucking re make of Pink Flamingos starring Shit Eating Champion, Sarah Palin!!?? Anyway once you got her naked in the copter, toss the baby wolf murdering, my gun is my substitute for a PENIS slut, out of the helicopter on to the freezing snow below, right slap dab in the middle of a WOLF PACK!!!! Let her RUN WITH THE WOLVES!!! Then let the guys up in the copter swoop down with their GUNS, and start shooting!!! Get her!!! Get her!!!! Just like she did to those poor little baby wolves!!! While they were running with their mothers in the freezing snow and ice , this MONSTER of a sub human Neanderthal ape, SHOT them down!!! Oh that is real hunting huh??? Swooping down on defenseless baby wolves and murdering them just for fun! Oh Miss Queen of Evil, you are such a MAN with your MAGIC PENIS GUN!!! Or maybe you are some kind of new alien, hermaphrodite life form!!! A KUNT GUN with legs!!!
6. Tell Sarah Palin that they are doing a re make of the film 'Sybil!' And she would be perfect for the part!!! All those hundreds of different separate personalities!!! The original 'Three Faces Of Sarah!!!' When one personality puts her kunt in her mouth she can always blame one of her others 'FACES!!!' How convenient! Of course this is just a trick to trap the Kook From Planet Dumb Dumb Ville, so we can once again torture the backward, shit eating trailer tramp redneck from her AlasKKKan Poodle Pee Pee Pad!!! So let the torture begin! We will rehearse the upside down, swinging enema scene, over and over again until every single tiny little speck of shit has been cleaned and squirted out Ms. Palin's scrubbed out asshole!!! Her colon will become so swollen that they will produce enough chitlins for any self respecting, gun toting, rabbit shooting, moose screwing, intestine eating, cave squatting, inbred AlasKKKan to feast upon until it's once again time to start roasting up those whole turkey fried baby wolves!!! This scene in the film will thrill all of Ms. Palin's fans and enemies alike! The sight of Sarah Palin swinging upside down across a pretty painted yellow and pink Martha Stewart styled country kitchen, with a bright orange enema bag full of mint julip lemonade, stuck up her Grand Canyon will be a sight for anyone's sore eyes!!! Has torture ever been more fun, I ask
5. Torture!!! Torture!!! We could send her to Guantanamo Bay!!! Did I spell that right? Oh who cares??! Just lock the baboon up with all those 'other terrorists! But I am not sure which ones are worse! Them or her!!! And there would be a MAJOR problem!!! Where the HELL on one of those naked human pyramids, would we put our dear Holy Highness??? We couldn't put her on the very bottom! The poor X beauty queen, whore and medium priced hooker, would be crushed under all those other naked bodies! Besides, it would be just plain rude!!! Why, she can't speak a word of ARABIC! And if she dares to utter the name of Allah, she would be decapitated and her head used as a bowling ball or a potted plant holder to grow some really cool Cuban WEED man!!!!! Well, yawn! I suppose we could put her at the top! Yes! Right UP THERE! As Andy Warhol used to love saying! That Sarah Palin, why she's really way UP THERE!!! Right up there at the top of the Naked Terrorist Pyramid!!! The top star at Guantanamo Bay!!! Did I spell that right? Oh, who gives a fuck?!? As long as we can get out our cameras and take holiday pics of top banana Sarah Palin, at the top of that Rude Nude Dude Mayan Temple!!! With one naked Nazi Bitch sitting on top of the world!!! Up on top of The Leaning Tower of Circumcised Penises!!! Oh no! Do we have to put a bag over her head??? We wouldn't be able to see those rosy red cheeks of hers! Well, there would be other cheeks to gaze at I suppose, but I for one, would miss the sight of those Buddy Holly look alike glasses and that off shade of Walmart lipstick she wears!!! So! Sarah Palin, sent off to Guantanomowhatever Bay, and put up on top of a naked human pyramid! Torture enough? Naw ! I don't think so!!! Let's torture her some more!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!