Sunday, May 20, 2012


This CULT which has sprung up around Ron Paul is not only a joke, but it is dangerous as well. He is just putting his own spin on the same old shit! Just because he is an 'isolationist' and is againt Ameriks's military sticking their runny noses into everyone elses business, dosn't mean he is some sort of savior! NO, RON PAUL IS NOT THE MASSIAH, come to save AmeriKa from itself. Quite the contrary! He will just create another whole set of problems! Oh, he has some great ideas, i do so must admit! And i agree with him on a whole bunch of things! BUT, like ALL politicians he is a LIAR ! He cannot be trusted! He will say anything to any group of people to get their support. And all this STATES RIGHTS BULLSHIT is delusional ! It was 'states rights' that kept SLAVERY alive for so long! Free states and slave states. So now its 'gay marriage states' and 'anti gay marriage states!' What utter stupidity ! Isn't this The UNITED States of America? A HOUSE DEVIDED CANNOT STAND! Abraham Lincoln knew that! Eventually, just like slavery, anti gay laws will be done away with in EVERY STATE, and enforced by the Federal Government. It is a CRIME, not to allow GAY AMERICAN CITIZENS, their rights as a free peoples ! The laws allowing gay people to marry, should be the same in EVERY state! And eventually it will be so! Ron Paul has a past history of being both anti gay AND racist. Oh MAYBY he has changed his mind! But i doubt it. He is just being careful now in order to get votes from gay people. These politicians are all the same, they just differ in certain matters and they will all lie thru their rotten teeth just to fool you and take you for a bumpy ride, THEIR WAY!! Don't beleive a word! They are ALL liars! Some are better or worse than others, but no matter how you vote, YOU WILL BE SCREWED!!! So just live your life the best you can and be as happy as possible and just hope the walls of BABYLON don't come crashing down on your head! Also remember that once a politician becomes our great LEADER, he is met by a HUGE MEGA POWER BLOCK of multi national companies that literally control EVERYTHING !!! And if you don't do things THIER way, they can arrange something very special, TO GET YOU OUT OF THE WAY !!! Money decides everything! The only possible solution would be a full scale, 'off with their heads ' REVOLUTION! And things would have to get pretty fucking BAD, for that to happen! Most Americans will go on doing what they have always been doing. Vote for what they consider to be the 'lesser of the EVIL' and just hope for the best! My motto toward ALL politicians is this: DIFFERENT ASSHOLE, SAME OLD SHIT! Some of it smells horrible, some of it smells different ( Ron Paul ) some of it dosn't smell as bad as the others!!! But it all STINKS !!! Sincerely, JAYNE COUNTY P.S. The Who have a song that goes, "WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN !!!". Nice sentiment, but most AmeriKans are living in a FOOLS PARADISE !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY, AND MAY THE BIRD OF PARADISE FLY UP YOUR NOSE !!!! XOXO