Wednesday, June 11, 2014


My my my! Americans demanded that they be allowed to immigrate to TEXAS which belonged to Mexico before 'WE' 'took'  it from them during the TRUMPED UP Mexican AmeriKan war. 'America' needed more land expansion for the ever encroaching tide of illegal immigration of white Europeans into a land that was 'non white' for THOUSANDS OF YEARS ! NOW bigoted AmeriKans, want to call Mexicans illegal aliens for wanting to live on their own land!  Mayby we should all 'GO HOME' back to our own countries! Ireland, Scotland, England, Europe ETC. And let 's start with giving Texas back to Mexico!  'Illegal aniens' indeed!!! All white people in AmeriKa are illegal aliens. Our 'fore fathers' IMMIGRATED here illegally. Why don't you go back to YOUR own country and RUIN it, the way you've ruined this country!?! The Native Americans that had lived here for THOUSANDS of years did not GIVE you their country! Those people were MURDERED and had RACIAL genocide committed on their people in order for white Europeans to STEAL their land, all in the name of GOD! Do STFU about so called illegal immigration you BIGOTS! It 's YOU who are the 'illegal immigrants!' Yeah that's right! STFU!!!