Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Oh moon of Alabama! Oh sweet home Alabama! Oh moon of Alabama. Show me the way to the next corn whiskey steel, for I do ever so need a stiff drink not a stiff upper lip or a stiff shot from the NRA! Oh moon of Alabama, when you go down in blood, when your moon Alabama goes down in blood of hate and bigotry your saints will go marchin in to freedom!!! And as the winds of bigotry blow through the treetops of Georgia, I will be cut loose, like a kite strugglin to free itself from the string of bondage! As the law of bondage becomes transformed into a law of love I will twist and turn till I blow my own house down like that freefallin kite cut loose from the bigot and masters of hate holding me down with a multi coloured, spliced together knotted string. By Jayne County