Sunday, October 3, 2010


Cheri Currie, former sex pot and pediaphile rat trap lead singer of the 70*s Glam/Punk band, The Runnaways, is the latest *rock hero* to be exposed as a RIGHT WING TWAT AND ASSHOLE! Her Facebook page, full of Nazi and far right wing propaganda, and plenty of ass rimming of fat pig Nazi scum bag, Glenn Beck, of Fox Spews fame, is quite a shock, considering this grade D porn rock star*s sleazy, drug and lesbo sex charged past. Her promotion of anti Mexican and Obama lies has many of her long time fans literally and franctically reaching for the DELETE button! Links and right wing friends are cluttering up Ms. Curries Facebook page with rants of OBAMA IS A MUSLIM. OBAMA IS PLANNING ON MAKING WHITE PEOPLE SLAVES~ and OBAMA WAS BORN ON SAME ISLAND AS KING KONG! O.K. both the right and the left have plenty of complaints about our dear leader, but the LEFT*S major complaint is that he is NOT LEFT WING AT ALL BUT A MODERATE! And he is NOT the least bit of a SOCIALIST. Right wingers have no idea what a Socialist is anyway. All their info comes from the White Aryan Nation, Christian Identity, and the KKK. Of courst the KKK are back in a big way. They just call themselves RepubliKKKans now and Ms. Currie seems so thrilled in having just about every scum bag rat nest infestation of every demented type of Nazi vermon and snake pissed Neanderthals on her tacky and bigoted Mexican hating page of hate, lies and white bitch stupidity!!! Conservatives hate one thing the most and that is facts. That is why Ms. Curries page is full of every RACIST trick in the book, attacks on Obama. All lies of course. And the link Ms. Cheri Kunt put up about illegal immigration was both sickening and disgusting. Everything but the white sheets and the burning crosses, and that*s probably on the way! Cheri Currie is either one of the most evil white Nazi bitches on the planet or she is just a PLAIN STUPID WHITE BITCH!! She is STANDING UP FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH AMERIKKKA. And it*s a wonder she can even walk with all the cocks, dildos and Pasp Blue Ribbon beer cans that have been shoved up her Nazi cunt! Oh and let*s not forget Joan Jet*s King Cobra tongue!!! Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Cheri Kunt!!! HELLO MUSTARD. HELLO HUNT*S. IM* UR CH CH CH CH CH CH CH CH CHERI KUNT~ HELLOW GLENN BECK, HELLO ANN COULTER. IM* UR K K K K K K K K KLANNIE MOM!!! CHERI CURRIE. What a shame! From crack whore to cracked corn! Cheri Cracked Corn and I don*t fucking care!!! Another *rock legend* down the cesspool drain of right wing toilet trash. Different asshole but the same old tired bigoted shit! Where*s the toilet pedal. There it is. FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH. Goodbye Cheri Currie, down the drain you go with all your other right wing rock and roll has beens who were once wild and wonderful. Now you are just a whimpering fart and fizzle blowing in the wind of stupidity and shit faced idiocy! Pat Boons in freaky make up and cheap garter belts! Cheri Currie, the Ann Coulter of Retro Rock!!! Excuse me, is there a hole for me to get sick in? Sure! Cheri*s K K K K K K K K K K KUNT!!! Sincerely, Jayne County