Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rock and Roll Anti RepubliKKKan League

WRITTEN BY JAYNE COUNTY: Brought to you by the legendary trans glam punk rocker and political activist JAYNE COUNTY. Our mission and goal here is to expose all those who attempt to trash our true freedoms all in the name of a twisted fascist version of *freedom.* That is the RepubliKKKan Party, and all their psycho cohorts. Great freedoms were won for us in the 60*s and 70*s and we will not stand by and watch what we so boldly fought for over the years, be taken away from us, by right wing christian bigots. And all in the name of a twisted version of God! We hold that this is just as wrong as Muslim Extremism! Killing in the name of God is immoral and sick! Recently, God struck down Jerry Falwell, who was a friend of the Anti Christ. A daughter of the Great Harlot! God struck him down because Mr. Falwell was twisting the teachings of Jesus in order to deney rights and attack millions of Americans, because they were of a different race or sexuality. Mr. Falwell wiped his ass with the pages of the Bible and used God*s name in vain in place of his own twisted and sick version of the Creator and Master of Love and Peace. JERRY FALWELL WAS A FALSE PROPHET AND MINISTER OF HATE!!! God has thrown him into the Bottomless Pit of vomit! Good riddance to bad rubbish! And now let*s hope God will strike down another False Prophet and Minister Of Hate, the disgusting and mentally deranged, Pat Robertson! We here at the Rock and Roll Anti RepucliKKKan League, know more about God than Jerry Fallwell could ever know! Although we are not supporters of *organized religion*, we do know that every individual is entitled to their own beliefs, but when they step over the line and attempt to use their belief system to attack and promote violence and hatred against others all in the name of a twisted and sick version of God, then, they, like HITLER must be stopped!! And we here at the RRARL hope to bring awareness to all people everywhere, to what is going on here in AmeriKa!!! It is our DUTY AND PRIVILEDGE TO DO SO!!!!!!! Please join us in our quest to bring true freedom and justice to ALL Americans! Sincerely, Jayne County. Vice President of the RRARL.