Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WRITTEN BY JAYNE COUNTY: Right wing RepubliKKKan Christians are not Christian! They go against all the teachings of Jesus Christ. They teach war when Christ said not to fight in Babylon*s wars. They do the opposite of what Christ told Christians to do, in the Sermon On The Mount. They do not love their neighbors. They hate their neighbors whether it be people of different races, sexualities or cultures. They are greedy, sneaky and hypocritical. They support measures that hurt poor and unfortunate people. They have hearts of stone and have no love in their hearts. They support False Probphets that preach hate and bigotry. There is NOTHING Christian about these (Pharasees) Christians! They are EVIL and DEMONIC! Sincerely, Jayne County. Writing for the RRARL
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