Monday, March 17, 2014

RepubliKKKans Set To Win The Senate?

What a bloody nightmare. Even with all the disgusting, horrible, narrow minded bullshit, that these PSYCHOS have been pulling on us, these homophobic, racist, rape loving cockroaches could still win seats! And the seats they could win are mostly locaded in highly controlled RepubliKKKan strongholds. Some important seats in the FABULOUS, charming, WE CAN'T GET OVER LOSING THE CIVIL WAR -- SOUTH! Where some mentally regressive Neanderthals, still believe in SLAVERY, and ultra Christian extremists, want to stone GAY PEOPLE to death, and want to punish and persecute 'MIXED marriages between African Americans and white people! THESE are the kind of sick, twisted people who vote RepubliKKKan! The reason RepubliKKKans get in office is because their voters are as narrow minded and dispicable as they are! Plain and simple! A huge part of the AmeriKan public are homophobic, racist PIGS! Pigs supporting pigs!!! Oink oink, time to slop the HOGS!!! It's a sad situation that's leading up to another AmeriKan Civil War!!! Instead of another GENERAL SHERMAN, marching through Georgia burning everything in sight let's just send in THE DRONES, making sure this time that THE SOUTH WILL NEVER RISE AND REAR ITS UGLY FACE AGAIN!!!