Saturday, July 28, 2012


Proof #49 - Look at who speaks for God In Christian mythology, God is supposed to the the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe. God is supposed to have incarnated himself as Jesus and he is supposed to have written the Bible. And yet today God is completely and absolutely silent. Therefore, the only thing we hear from God comes from people who are speaking on his behalf. If you would like to understand how imaginary God is, all that you have to do is listen to God's spokespeople, because in many cases these people are lunatics. If there actually were a God, and if he actually had anything to do with love, he would silence these people because they are an absolute embarrassment. Here are several video examples that demonstrate the problem. Thousands of examples like this are available: Thank God for dead soldiers Holy spirit enema Holy rollers Fighting priests Jimmy Swaggart Would Kill a Homosexual Pat Roberston Ted Haggard Paula White Nuclear war prophecy Pouring the water Hot, cold, lukewarm Pitch his tents If God were real, he would speak for himself. The fact that God does not speak, and that he allows any lunatic who comes along to speak "in his name," shows us that God is quite imaginary.