Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The scandal and mean, nasty, lies so disgustingly being put forth on Michael Musto's 'Village Voice Blog' has desintergrated into a cesspool of homophobic verbal violence against gays and trans people that created one of New York City's most legendary clubs, 'Squeezebox.' The 'scandal' is this!! Washed up and most despised club promoter of all time, TRIGGER, lost alot of money on the Don Hills Tribute night, badly promoted and an out and out MESS, Trigger, now wants to blame everyone but himself! He has launched a stream of vicious, and outrageous lies and attacks against people who really were friends of Don Hills, and who were trying very hard to give Don the tribute he so richly deserved, for bringing a ray of hope to New York City's nightlife and Rock community. Now the comments have reached a new LOW in civil discourse !! Homophobes and right wing GAY BASHERS are now taking advantage of the scandal to spew poison against all the Squeezebox 'crowd.' PERSONAL attacks that have nothing to do with the so called 'scandal.' And as far as i am concerned, Michael Musto has created alot of bad feelings toward himself, for allowing his blog to become SOOOOO LOW!!!! And posting all of Trigger's lies and paranoid rantings, and all the while, not alerting Michael Schimdt (I can never spell that damn name correctly!!! ) so he could defend himself, untill very late in the game!!! And to even allow so called 'beloved club promoter' ( On what fucking planet?!) a platform for his lies and homophobic accusations, is a bad sign that SOMETHING is amiss ! I think it was an extremely bad idea to let this whole made up mess swirl around in a slimepool of homophobic SLANDER !!! Giving Trigger any kind platform besides a padded room in a mental institution, is a bad idea! This idiot devides and taints anything and everything! New York City or any city for that matter dosn't need this kind of bullshit !!! Jayne County