Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yes, our lulverly Dusty was our one in a million *gay girls* of the sixties! Back before we had the titles of gay, lesbian, bi or trans. Of course back then she couldn*t come out like alot of lesbian singers and celebs have done today. But those *in the know* already knew and loved her dearly! In hushed tones, *Dusty Dyke*, was a common description among the more *straighter* elements of sixties culture. But our Dusty has transcended all of the titles and descriptions that anyone could ever come up with! SHE IS A LEGEND! She practically single handedly brought Motown and other *black* artists to Britain when the radio stations were all but ignoring an entire section of sixties culture! She put them on her telly show and brought huge exposure for so many artists from The Temptations, to The Impressions. To Martha and The Vandellas to the Supremes!!! The Marvelettes, The Contours, The, The, The, oh HELL the list goes on and on!! So let*s give a big GAY AND STRAIGHT salute to one of our Rock and Roll pioneers of all history. THE LATE GREAT AND IMMORTAL. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD!!!!!!!!!! Yours, Jayne County