Monday, June 4, 2007

*Christian Bitch Tries To Ban Harry Potter!!!*

WRITTEN BY JAYNE COUNTY: How disgusting, that some self reightious so called Christian Neanderthal in Gwinnit County, Ga. is trying to get Harry Potter taken off the shelves in all the libraries in Gwinnit County, Georgia, Both in the schools AND the public library. This sick, deranged baboon apparently has heard the voice of God him/herself, tell her to go out from this land and slay all the inhibitants thereof!!! Don*t you wish this miserable bitch would just get some horrible desease and DIE SLOWLY so we can all go up to her hospital bed and hold sigsn that say *GOD HATES SELF REIGHTIOUS BIGOTS AND BOOK BURNERS!!!* Like the Nazis in Nazi Germany, Christians seek to ban books and substitute superstition for science to keep their bratty little sproggs as IGNUNT as poss! This just makes me want to vomit all over the Bible and force her to wipe her ass with it!!! And I ain*t necessarily TOTALLY anti religion as long as these bigots and mentally disturbed piss ants , don*t try to beat my brains out or MURDER ME IN THE NAME OF GOD with their IGNUNT, UNSOPHISTOCATED, HILLBILLY, REDNECK ASSHOLISM!!! In the almighty words of legendary Trans star, Devine, *You are hereby charged and found guiltly of ASSHOLISM!!! Ain*t it true??? Ain*t it TRUL!!! TRUL means that it is SUPER TRUE. It is TRUL!!!!!!!!! Google the story and write to the proper people and tell them what a pig you think this sick psycho is!!!!!!!! Sincerely, in the name of the GODDESS! Jayne County